Saturday, 27 November 2010

Midnight and Moomins!

My Dear Friends! Please excuse the lateness of the hour and the subsequently incondite nature of tonight's humble offering but I was just about to blow out the candles and fasten the shutters against the possible snowy storms ( or stormy snow)  when I realised that I  had omitted to scribble anything here for you to feast upon . . . a thousand pardons - especially to those readers I know who, even on a Friday night, choose to be abed at a relatively early hour in order to face the following day with vim and vigour!

Today has been a long and cold one; I think I'm also transporting a tiresome little virus or two around with me as I have the 'chilled right through' feeling that I know so well from these impish peevish beings!  The trains and trams were packed with shoppers and on the way back from Manchester I had a couple seated behind me engaged in the most furious argument - well, she was anyway!  It was conducted entirely in some language that could possibly have been Polish but she shouted at the chap all the way from Manchester to Bolton without pausing for breath - seriously! The girl could quite easily take up a new position as a pearl diver  . . she was still broadcasting as they left the train and exited the station!

I do wonder why they make the seats so very narrow on trains . . . the minute someone sits in the next seat one has to play the folded wings game where elbows are pointed at and pinned to the solar plexus . . . most enervating! Anyway, I eventually got home and following a quick saunter - if such an oxymoron is possible - with the pooch it was back home and batten down the hatches . . . a light supper and then to bed until . . . well, as I have said,my memory isn't what it was and so, as midnight grows ever closer, here I sit a scribbling scribe with sniffles!

I really think I will have to leave it there, except to say one little jewel did shine its lustrous twinkle and catch my eye on the dreadful train journey home; I discovered that there is currently an exhibition all about Moominland at the museum in Bury! 

It may not seem much to you, dear readers, but I am a very great fan of Tove Jannson, the creator of the Moomins, and was once lucky enough to receive an email from the great lady herself!  As I have to be back in Bury on Monday for a meeting I shall hie myself away afterwards and enjoy a brief visit to that magical land somewhere in the Gulf of Finland.

She was very prolific and her stories are filled with wonderful psychological insights; one of her offerings for adults ( though in my opinion all of her books should be read by adults!) is Sommerboken or The Summer Book which describes he relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter one summer on an island. It is beautifully written, funny, sad and a very great inspiration!

Anyhow, maybe you can have a look on the shelves for it while I make my way up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire?  

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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