Friday, 19 November 2010

Metaphor for the night sky: A trillion asterisks and no explanations*

Whoops!  I've had rather a languid start to the day today; I can only conclude that I must have needed it, as the Old Duchess would say!  Anyhow, here I am; please excuse the informality of my dress, positively dishabille at, what is for me, quite a late hour . . . ah me!

But if you can excuse the libertine look I would be happy to spend a little while in your company before the day's demands loom larger than life itself and I am forced to away to my commitments . . . as you know, being fully cognisant with my diary by this time, today is my day for trundling to Bury and I seem to have a very pleasant day for it too . . . blue is painting the panes of the library window and even something, which under a different set of circumstances could be mistaken for the sun, is peeping round the edge of the curtains . . . Sal is sniffing the air and wanting her matutinal meander in order to micturate and requests my company with almost immediate effect . . .  I will, of course, have to assume some sort of dress code if not for fashion or vanities sake but merely to cope with the probable totteringly low temperatures awaiting without . . . the wet nose at my knees informs me that madam will wait no longer . . . there will now be a short break whilst duties are carried out . . .

Here we are, returned to the fold and in from the dampish but rather splendid in comparison to late day, having had a rather extended meander due to a sudden rash flash of photography taking place - a result or two may make its appearance at some point later . . . we strolled along the banks of the dear old Asland with tree branches dripping and dappling in the sun, and I photographed berries and leaves although much of interest has been lopped away in the pre-winter tidy up carried out by a bunch of stalwarts who do their best to keep the walk as beautiful as possible, despite the loutish behaviour of some users . . . it is quite a while since I've taken the camera out with me and, although time is somewhat pressing this morning, I thought it might be worth it . . . we shall see!

And now another break; I have duties to attend to and places to be . . . please feel free to make yourself at home; I shall be back before you know it! 

Here I am, and frankly quite exhausted though heaven knows why! I had a lovely experience of sorts at Manchester Victoria when, amid a beautiful blue sky clad station platform I heard the unmistakable sound of two Alpine horns playing - very surreal but stunningly gorgeous! I was tempted to tarry awhile but duty forbade such pleasures  . . . upon my return some hours later they had, like a dream gone!  Curiously enough the episode made me want to read "The Magic Mountain" again . . . I really must buy that book!

Back to the previous bit I've just about summoned up enough energy to pop in a pic or two . . .  

 The first is, as you can see, a rather chilly flower; some could take this as a symbolic reference to myself, it being a thing of delicacy in a harsh, cruel world . . . or possibly it is simply a partially-frozen flower  that happened to catch my eye as I was walking this morning with The Famous Sally Dog . . .
 . . . talking of which here we have said creature in her "Will you stop taking photographs and hurry up!" kind of pose which she thinks passes muster as a form of obedience . . . we have yet to ascertain exactly whose obedience we are referring to, but that is a moot point and one we feel will be resolved in the fullness of time, given sufficient negotiations and considerable compromises on my part - as per usual! 

And finally a wee little abstract of some waterdrops on leaves . . . I thought it was quite nice; if I manage to stay awake I will upload them to the Twitpic bit on the lower right hand side so you can see them in all their magnificance!

So with that, dear friends, I shall leave you to enjoy your Friday evening; have fun and never let life stand in the way!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

*Robert Brault

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