Saturday, 27 November 2010

An Interlude Before Bed

And with our breath held as tight as a drowning man's grip on a straw, 
we wait for the first flakes to fall and fill our lives with silence . . .*

Hmmm . . . still no snow, at least not here . . .  I do like how we wait with expectation  and then when it does arrive complain bitterly! Anyhow, it's time to draw the curtains and curtail the vigil on the night sky and return to the fireside, to the gentle company and the warmth of conversation . . .
Although I must admit I feel I must take my leave of you shortly; the dreaded bug-a-boos that have been following me around seem to be intent on me having an early night.  I feel rather feverish and very headachey, all of which is tiresome and makes for very dull reading!

I hope you enjoy the evening - for it has hardly begun - and that, when you do choose to sleep, it is in a state of perpetual bliss until you wake refreshed and lively - who knows. it may have snowed!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !



* An extract from "Snow" by  Viola Da Gamba

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