Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Have I Got Muse For You?

Good evening dear ones . . . I'm sure it is way past your bedtime but if you are very quiet, well, maybe you can stay up for a wee while longer and listen to one of Papa's amusing tales . . .

Whilst bathing this morning I had a sort of Eureka moment; I was pondering something, I'm not even very sure what any more, probably something to do with evolutionary psychology which has been taking root in what passes for a brain these days . . . anyhow, there I was, navel gazing in the truest sense of the phrase and I suddenly got an absolutely superb subject for today's brief sojourn into the realms of my consciousness . . . I was so pleased to actually have something of worth to lay before you I nearly leapt out in a recreation of the famous Archimedian event, however, instead I lay in a sort of smug somnolent posture and rehearsed the writing in my head.  With water cooling rapidly I decided to be about my business which I duly did; answering emails and checking Twitter, reading, writing . . . and completely and totally forgetting the subject matter that had so briefly flashed before my eyes moments before in the bath!   Ah me!  Inspiration is a flighty muse, she slips through the fingers like gold from a fool and, of course writing is ( to paraphrase dear old Edison) 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration - maybe that's why I spend so long in the bath?

So today has been a catching up kind of day both work-wise and, for another fleeting moment, a little bit socially too . . . Work is all very well but for some members of the household - no names, pack drill or squeaky toy needed - it is a tad, well . . . dull! There are so many things to sniff and chase that, frankly, it's almost an infringement of someone's canine rights and so, work being temporarily becalmed in a sea of wagginess, we set off for a constitutional.  As our route took us past our favourite boutique we decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up and so broke our journey and popped in to see those twins of evil who are sweetness itself and our favourite fleurs du mal where we passed a brief but enjoyable time, lacking only a cup of tea on my part and a biscuit or twenty on the part of my companion.   It was lovely to see the girls again and we left sadly, but with lots of packages to remember them by.

And then more work which, apart from a brief flirtation with a jacket potato and some rather antediluvian coleslaw, has been my day up to now; the lamps are lit and without the cold night clings to the buildings causing them to shudder in their sleep. It is fast approaching the time when I must leave you to your dreams and prepare for my cross-country jaunt to the seat of learning tomorrow - someone said that it may snow, which would be rather jolly I think, unless of course it is, like the leaves, the wrong type which would cause my locomotion to cease and my isolation in the snowy wilds to commence!

Anyway, we shall see what tomorrow brings - and you, my little narcissi, should be away to your flowery beds and, in the arms of Morpheus, rest your sleepy golden heads . . . so up you go by gilded stair and leave Papa with his books and his thoughts and the deep, sleepy, frosty night

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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