Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ice in Your Whiskey, Sir?*

Good Morning Dear Friends!

And as dawn peeps above the haha, scattering the light all around as dear Rolf would have it, I welcome you to another day in my life as I sit in the library in the BPS waiting for deliverymen and attempting to get some work done . . .

I am a tad en retard with the OU work and part of my punishment for this is to have to watch chimpanzees today evidently; I would much rather be writing a novel or two but needs must etc . . . I'm currently trying to come up with ideas for a story set on Jura; it's for a competition run by the whisky chappies, the prize being a stay there to finish a short story in 1,984 minutes - it's where Georgie boy wrote 1984 y'see . . . Oh bother! Is it whisky or whiskey in Scotland? I can never remember the difference . . . Ah!  the 'ey' is Irish from uisce beatha  which, it being Gaelic and my ancestral tongue, I speak so fluently it is untrue . . . no it really is untrue!  Anyhow, the possibility of a writing sabbatical in the Western Isle is quite an inspiration . . . even though I can't imbibe anymore . . . I am the quintessential difference between a Scot and the creator of Mickey Mouse!**

A day of considered application lies ahead and, to be totally frank, I'm not over-enamored at the prospect; but it does have to be done or I shall remain forever a dullard and be consigned to steerage as HMS Gt Britain catches the iceberg future with a glancing blow and we sink beneath the icy waves . . . As I wrote that I was instantly reminded of a photograph I was once shown by a delightful young lady which showed, as I recall,  a view from her bedroom window; and there, in the bay which her house overlooked , was an iceberg . . . very beautiful! The window was in Brønnøysund up in the very north west of Norway and belonged to Birgit - hello B! And thanks to the wonders of the web here is a view of the the very place - minus iceberg sadly!

An amazingly lovely sight to wake up to each day . . . maybe the town council would like me to go there and write a daily blog for them - what do you think?  Kan du forestille deg å lese "Ord fra en Room" i norsk dagligtale? Spesielt som, på denne tiden av året, jeg må skrive det av levende lys!  I did, of course, cheat outrageously and used Google Translate for that but at one time I had a smattering of Norwegian and am sure I could pick it up again . . . now, where did I put Birgit's number . . .

As things stand I am very much rooted to the spot at the moment due to time and financial commitments; I was chatting to Jules who lives in a delightful spot in British Columbia which I would love to visit and then perhaps do a  cross-country trek over to Glace Bay in Nova Scotia where my relatives lie buried in the snows of Port Breton and this put the idea into my bonce, but as always the filthy lucre is the issue. . . if you are reading this and know of any philanthropic person who would sponsor such an undertaking you could drop an opportune word in the shell-like perhaps . . . I think it would be a wonderful thing to read each day, don't you?

Anyway, I must away to the chimpanzees who, knowing my luck, will want to discuss the script for Hamlet they've come up with - thank you Douglas; you are very much missed!  And so without further ado I shall bid you farewell and hope that the day fills you with so much joy that, being as level headed as you are, it dribbles from each side of your mouth simultaneously! 

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* Reminds me of the drunk on the Titanic who was heard to say " I know I asked for ice but this is ridiculous"

** A Scot drinks whisky but Walt Dis'nae !

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