Thursday, 25 November 2010

Frost and Pharaohs . . .

Oh Hello . . . I didn't see you loitering there, welcome! Come and sit by the fire and I'll sort out some tea . . . there's a cruelly sharp wind stalking around out there . . .

Myself and my constant canine companion have  returned from our morning jaunt much chilled and ready to spend a goodly amount of the day in the library watching the weather and wondering whether the snow that was promised will fall . . . I took the camera  - and batteries this time - but the resulting pictures were . . . average I would say, the light was good but the level of frostiness didn't seem up to the standard of the other day, ah well, I may post one or two to give you a feel for it, as it were!

This was a fairly typical example . . . pleasant enough I suppose but not quite what I wanted; I know it's supposed to be very bad form to blame one's tools but the camera, whilst being very nice and lovely to use, is not the very finest quality you can get . . . then again, I'm not the finest photographer you can get either so perhaps we are evenly matched!

It is something I enjoy doing, though I don't often take pictures these days . . . I suppose Sal and I have been doing the same walks more or less all her life and I seem to photographed everything at least ten times already . . . ah me!

Suddenly, as if by magic - though if truth be known it is by the simple expedient of time passing and having other things to do - it is the late afternoon and in a very short while I'm off into town to meet up with Sister Cate . . . we have an evening in Ancient Egypt planned!

Cate is a life-long fan of AE probably since she first saw "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1965 - that is, she saw them in the film, not saw the film with them - and so this evening's lecture at the Museum of Wigan Life should be very enjoyable indeed!  One sad aspect is that we were due to be joined by a friend who has, unfortunately had a strong and violent reaction against some medication and is unwell -  being a courageous sort she may still make it and fingers are thoroughly crossed!

And so, dear friends, it's time to muffle and glove oneself and venture forth into the very chilly looking without . . .  I hope your evening, whatever it may consist of, is filled with warmth and love.

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

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