Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Final Day of November . . .

Good Evening everyone . . . and what a cold and cheerless one it is too!

Slippy underfoot, a wind sharp enough to shave a pig and the prospect of more of the white stuff in the coming hours . . . brrr!  Actually, as I have said before, I'm not averse to Winter - although it is still officially Autumn 'til the 21st but the prospect of travelling unravelling is very great indeed; yesterday the trains were slipping on the tracks . . . oh hum!

Tomorrow is, of course December the first and so it will be a white rabbit day though whether we will be able to see them or not is another matter; maybe if they have bright blue eyes?  Anyway, from their snowy burrows they will see me on my way once again to the seat of learning for another evening of being erudite - no, it isn't an adhesive!  One of the most valued members of our little family will be missing tomorrow following an early  Christmas bump in the shower - hope you soon feel better D; we will miss you greatly!

The OD decided not to venture forth today after all due to the biting wind and treacherous conditions underfoot, however I did manage to avoid doing any of the OU work by strict and serious avoidance techniques . . . Today has been a day of sorting out and rationalising my belongings; I do this every so often when the mood takes me, throw out all my clothes and make everything as minimal as possible - including my chances of venturing outdoors as nudity is not only frowned upon but damned dangerous given the sub zero temperatures!  I do find that it helps to clear my mind too; I can't work or think in a cluttered space, there's a very obvious link I believe . . .

I'm also still trying to get the facsimile of the Viola Da Gamba work together; I feel she deserves some recognition even though her published output was tiny and her work not really to modern tastes . . . as soon as it is done I shall publish it and we can have a VG day!

Where does the time go?  It is fast approaching midnight and the deadline looms large and menacing ahead . . . I hope you sleep well and wake into December with joy in your hearts - she is a very fine young lady indeed!

'til next time

Be Seeing You!

ps: Tomorrow is World Aids Day - why not attach a ribbon to your avatar? Details here:  

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  1. still extremely cold but no snow yet. I live in hope that it stays away!