Sunday, 7 November 2010

Evemen in the Village * or maybe Sleep Beneath the Stars

And welcome one and all . . . 

It's now half-way between nine and ten and it seems, thankfully, that the last of the fireworks have ceased and what passes for peace in these parts reigns.  My wishes from last night for a sunny day were granted, although it was a cold one, and probably not the best one for trying out my new hairstyle which is teeny bit shorter than usual; I definitely need a woolly hat - maybe one of those with headphones included although I do like to hear - as well as I am able given my advanced years - what's going on around me as I walk, it would be good on the train, however, to block out the ramblings that always seem top invade my space.

I was up before the lark comme d'habitude and managed a bit of my OU work; I am suffering from that most insufferable of afflictions: I think the subject is a tad boring and easy and think to myself "It will only take me two hour at the most!" and so actually buckling down to it is more effort than the actual content.  As I have to submit it by Wednesday I will have to bite the bullet, put my best foot forward and get a firm grip of myself and other cliches and double-entendres and simply get the bloody work done!  I think the novel is slowly gaining life but we will have to wait and see about that . . . talking of novels I still have two to review for Waterstones - help! 

Tomorrow, being Monday, is Old Duchess Day. We will meet for luncheon and shopping; hope it's a tad warmer and please no rain! I have been wet 6 days out of seven this past week and at my age that could be very serious - I could get the sniffles!  However, I will be up and about long before our appointment, at around 5ish actually, and will attempt to engage my protestant work ethic (of which I have none whatsoever) and get my tasks completed . . . or at least maybe practically started!

The week ahead is slightly less hectic than last - a fact which is appreciated by my canine friend as it means we may get time for a couple of extended walks and a visit to our favourite shop run by those lovely twins of evil Dory and Shoop . .  will they have any treats in store? More than likely is my guess . . . it is fast approaching ten and the fireworks have started again . . . Sal is none too pleased about this as they do tend to disturb her beauty sleep; she's having to get by on a mere eighteen hours or so as it is!   Talking of which I don't hink an early one will damage me or my reputation too much and so I will bid you a fond farewell and allow you a candle to light you to bed; choppers or any other devices are your own responsibility!

Have a lovely restful sleep and may your funny bone be forever humerus
'til next time

Be Seeing You !



* A Dorset dialect poem by William Barnes (1801  - 1886) which ends: 

"Zoo gi'e me the sky

An' the air an' the zun,

An' a huome in the dell wher the water da run,

An' there let me live an' die "

 and which I feel I have quoted before . . . Yes?  . . . No? Yes! 25th September! Apologies for my unoriginality!

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