Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Demisemiquaver . . .

Good Evening once more, how are you my esteemed friends?

Just the very shortest of notes this evening - hence the title!  I've just got in from my regular Wednesday evening appointment with dear ones over in the wilds of beyond and a damn chilly walk it was from the station too! Still, here I am, back in one piece and, after having feasted on a cheese roll, am tucking in to some well-deserved Gewürz Spekulatius and wondering just how long I can manage to stay awake . . . I have had what seems a never-ending stream of early mornings and late nights - though I shouldn't complain I know as my existence is luxurious compared to some poor souls - and judging by the size of the bin-liners under my eyes  I will soon need to stop and recharge my batteries before I blow a fuse . . .

I managed to finish the outstanding OU work this morning along with booking a place on the next one in July when I will be transported to Durham for a week; somewhere I've never been so am looking forward to it, I believe the cathedral is superb . . . and then it was more work on dear old Adler (psychology not mouth organs) this evening and a rather good session conducted with great aplomb by the lovely Jen who is always a pleasure to work with and doesn't let me wriggle off any hooks!

And that brings us to here and now; Sal is pottering around and wondering if she's going to get a mention as she knows her fans require it - is a bear a catholic?  - as well as trying to bury a bone somewhere . . .  As the only really suitable place is my bed I'm bound to discover said object nuzzling one of my orifices in the middle of the night - and we haven't been formally introduced!

Anyhow, I make no excuses for the paucity of this post and humbly beg your indulgence 

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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