Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Deep Amind the Winter Snow . . .

And with a crystal blue sky above and frost beneath our feet another cold and chilly day begins with a shivery walk in the hinterlands . . .

It was while we were out on our perambulation - or should that be peregrination? I think either will suffice  - and I was inwardly cursing myself for having brought the camera without first checked the state of the batteries (page one, dear boy, page one!) that my eureka moment from yesterday gave a brief blip and then flashed out altogether; I can remember some of it, but the beautiful complexity of the whole is lost for the moment . . .

The basic thought was this: I find it fascinating the way we refer to the act of photography;we take pictures; we capture images; it's all very possessive! We are sneaking up on something that is happening in the world in real-time and we shoot it, to make it ours, and freeze it forever . . . it's almost a way of making the world stand still for that split second so that we can make sense of it all maybe . . . and also a way of making those elusive moments ours forever . . . and people . . . and places . . . y'see it reminds me of perhaps how small we sometimes feel; how insecure we really are, despite our bravado; that we perhaps just want one thing to stay the same, forever.

Ah me! Philosophy at this hour, whatever next?  Well, actually,  next is Psychology which is, I suppose, intimately related, and which I need to do this morning before setting off on my trek across to see the frozen waists of the female students   - not really, just a very poor pun! Some of our brave colleagues will be missing this evening due to immovable diary objects and so I am using my irresistible force to record some aspects of the event in order to keep them up to speed . . . it also allows me to try out my Dragon which, in Hagrid's absence, does very nicely I'm told as a transcribing tool so I can present the audio and a written transcription too - marvellous! This is, at least, the theory . . . the practice . . . hmmm!

Anyhow, that is, as of yet, some hours away and first the business of the day positively harrumphs at me to begin it and so I must . . . a small passage of time will probably follow in just a few . . .

 . . . minutes as, indeed, it did as predicted a few hours before . . .  it's now the afternoon and shortly I must away to town and catch my train of thought for the long days journey into night amid what promises to be a snowy landscape . . . hmmm . . . there's always the choice to make on these occasions; does one dress for the weather as it is now or as it may be in a few hours more? I suppose I will have the wait on the platform to contend with so I  better dig out the old Nanook costume and like the good boy scout I never was, be prepared!
Sal and I went for our amble and called into our favourite shop again where some of us received a huge amount of attention from customers and staff alike, whilst other browsed the bookshelves like a shrinking violet - ah me! Celebrity is a old, cold station . . . I'm sure that's a phrase my dear departed father use to use: "Life's an old, cold, station" except I'm hearing it in the curious Wigan / Irish mix as "cowled, owld" whereas a pure Wigan version would be more along the lines of "cowed, owed" all to rhyme with cow, of course!
Whichever way you choose to pronounce it, the temperature is certainly dropping fairly rapidly and sharply as the sun begins to sink - it's certainly a day for zwiebel-look as our German friends name the multi-layered approach to clothing; it means onion-look, by the way - and I will be stocking up on scarves, gloves and unfortunately for any observers, a hat.  

Hats are an issue. I really like hats. I really, really like hats.  But. Well, let's speak plainly here, I look absolutely shocking in a hat, especially a 'beanie' type one which is what I will be wearing today . . . the look is somewhat reminiscent of a depressed turtle, still, as one loses most heat through the bonce and mine is somewhat newly-clipped I am between the devil of fashion and the deep blue sea of necessity, that dear old mother of invention, and so a hat it must be.

And away I must go! I shall leave you now to become onioned - have a very pleasant evening and keep snug and warm

't1l next time

Be Seeing you !

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  1. Zwiebel i like that i am sure thats one for shoops dictionary to. Perambulation , peregrination do they meen the same thing then ?