Monday, 8 November 2010

The Watcher and the Weather Glass

Come in and close the door quickly - what a shocking day! You can put your umbrella and galoshes by the hall stand . . . come into the library and sit by the fire . . .

What a truly horrible day it has been weather-wise! Luncheon and shopping with the OD was an ordeal for us both; given her advanced years she's never overly hot in any circumstance but today she looked thoroughly frozen; as for me, when I left the bijou penthouse suite the first thing I noticed that my relatively new shoes had split across the sole and were lapping up water like a thirsty hound!  And so the 3 hours or so passed by in silent frozen misery as far as my feet were concerned, although the OD and I had a nice chat and a passable repast @ Nero . . .

I then squelched home and have spent the rest of the afterlunch trying to defrost myself and also get various programmes to work  - always a good displacement activity though not in the strictest behavioural sense of course - when academic work is beckoning and, in fact, positively screaming to be done . . . I am so indolent!

Another fine example of indolence in inaction is the rather fine book I am currently reading.  It is "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo and is set in my old stomping ground of Oslo - curiously the second book with the same setting that I've read in the past seven days! However, I have on my bedside table two lovingly crafted works awaiting my review . . . I fear Mr Waterstone is not going to be ecstatic with my tardiness . . . better get a move on!

The other book by the way was Jostein Gaarder's "The Castle in the Pyrenees" in which both of the protagonists used to live together in Kringsjå (pronounced Kring-shaw), a student town on the outskirts of Oslo where I lived for a while at the beginning of the '80s and which I miss quite a lot; in fact Norway is one of my would-love-to-return-to's  . . . I suppose this stuff outside would be white and fluffy if I were there . . . actually just checked and it's 6 degrees C so no snow there either . . . oh hum!

Anyhow, here's how I remember it:

This isn't one of my photographs but was filched from the blog of "Ashley the Viking" whoever S/He may be* . . . I also include another more general view of Kringsjå - or to be more precise that part of Kringsjå known as Fjellbirkeland which translates as something like mountain birch place or land . . . It actually looks uncannily like the part of Wigan's Theatreland that I know and loathe so well . . .

 It certainly isn't the most beautiful part of Oslo - or Wigan come to that - but it where I call home both in the past and the present; the only slight difference is perhaps there is next to Kringsjå a really rather beautiful lake called Sognsvann with lovely walks in all seasons and, if I recall correctly lighted ski-paths too . . . Here in the Wigwam we do, of course have the rather majestic Haigh Country Park which was a matter of minutes from my front door until they began to build that most monstrous of idiocies the Douglas Flood Alleviation Scheme - or the Damn Dam as I prefer . . . As I have no doubted ranted before it has been built to prevent buildings which are built on the flood plane from being flooded when the river floods . . . you could, of course, ask yourself why buildings have been built in such a mad location in the first place . . . but no, rather not go there . . . it can only lead to sadness and despair!  Anyhow until the DD is finished and the footpaths re-instated The Famous Sally Dog and I have had our favourite walk curtailed; we both await its opening with pearl-diver breath - I am particularly keen to see what has happened to the thirteen apple trees down there . . .

Goodness me!  Night has fallen around my ears like an over-large fedora; I must offer you some tea . . . no? Oh well, if you must leave make sure you wrap up well and there are extra sou'westers if you feel particularly vulnerable!  I shall see you again soon I hope

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* The photos were from:


  1. Hope you and Mrs M have thawed out somewhat! Lovely blog and pics.

  2. What a lovely read and with pictures . Didnt know you had a library in that penthouse of yours lol.