Monday, 1 November 2010


I'm sure all you multi-lingual and talented scholars out there recognise the title of today's blog as being Japanese and meaning "White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits!" . . . if you'd like to show - off to your (obviously very easily impressed but, if you're reading this in preference to seeing them, probably non-existent) friends it is pronounced "Shiro usagi, shiro usagi, shiro usagi!" 

There - not only is this drivel purporting to be entertainment but also serves as a  quick course in one-up-man-ship as well! I should point out that my self-taught Japanese doesn't even stretch as far as that and I simply used google translate . . . maybe you could try to post the most bizarre alternative  title in a strange language in "Leave a Comment"  to receive an unfeasibly huge prize, tempting . . . yes?*

Anyhow, welcome to the first of November; a day that saw me travelling to and from a fifth-floor room in an office block in downtown Bury with a marvellous view of hills and clouds and steam trains; now here I sit, a ghost in my own machine and slave to the published word, pounding out my massage in a brothel to you, my lovely punters! The day involved training and consisted of just myself and a bevy of very talented ladies - you'd pay good money for that kind of thing in London! Anyhow, it is over and, as it was the first long busy day in a week of long busy days, I am glad -  I must have clocked up about 39 hours wakefulness in the last 48 . . . absolute madness!

Brief oases ( yes, that is the correct plural!) in the desert of demands this week are tomorrow's trip out with OD which was postponed from today and a repeat performance on Thursday - so at least I get a spot of retail therapy in amongst all the training and writing    . . . talking of which I've decided to do a complete re-write and development  of "Pretoria Avenue" (which I posted on here 19.10.10) for my NaNoWriMo attempt; as I say whether I manage it is one thing but it is a least a little bit of an exercise in discipline . . . which again would command a considerable fee in Soho!

It is now only forty-five minutes to the witching hour and I must to my bed; tomorrows post will be a daytime one, I hope, and be as fresh and vibrant as my tired old mind and bod will allow!  I hope your dreams are as cheeky as a kitten and you wake with a smile like the cat who got the cream!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

*Regular readers will undoubtedly recognise this as the usual cheap publicity-hag-ridden-media-whoring scam that normally results in a dedicated photograph or something equally as pathetic . . . but wait!  Maybe this time  . . . **

** No, sorry to get your hopes up; it's business as usual on this occasion too - pity really!


  1. petèt ou ta ka aprann Japonè nan 3 minit yo lavil ou genyen chak semèn lol

  2. Very good Dante - you know I can read that! When you first look at it it seems to be of West Slavic origin but phonetically it's obviously French-based! Thank you and well done! :) ॐ