Saturday, 16 October 2010

Two Kisses: One to Numb, the Other to Forget

Good Afternoon dear friends and welcome to another slice of cheesy cake from yours truly . . . would, you like some tea?

And what a curious day it has been!  For reasons too tedious and tiresome to trouble your delicate sensibilities with, I was forced to abandon my plans to go to Liverpool today which has caused a little bit of a feeling of disappointment to settle over me - not unlike the layer of dust which was present in my life until I got the vacuum out about an hour ago . . . and so with be-snuffled nose and throat just turning to razor I met up with Sister Cate again under the roof of Nero and tried to summon up the positivity that green tea and a lemon and poppy muffin surely must bring to us all . . . but to little avail . . . and then, it being a Saturday it was of course off to the stately pile and afternoon delights with the OD who was on fine form and full of amusing tales as per usual . . .

But . . . what exactly is it?  I feel somewhat . . . distant I suppose; I feel as though it should snow, as though it should be Winter already . . . I feel like I am wrapped in the Snow Queen's cloak with a sliver of the mirror in my heart . . . too cold . . . too cold . . .

I daresay it is merely another shivery being taking over my body again; not ghost or spirit but virus or bacteria and also maybe a soupcon of tiredness - being all down to my age of course, but the result is that I feel  - as some great wordsmith once said - yuk!

Sal is, of course, none to impressed by this  and regards anything less that total activity on my part as a sign of slacking and lack of moral fibre - it is however, a different waggy tale when the rain is falling and my sugar-sweet companion suddenly is afraid of melting, preferring instead to lounge lizard like around the house waiting for treats to land before her nose . . . hmmm! There is a definite inequality here - why am I  not surprised?

Popping a Victory V in my mouth and snurching a nasal cavity full of decongestant I carry on regardless - for, like our colonial cousins postal system
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds 
(which I read now was never the creed of the US Postal system as such, merely an inscription of a NY Post office and was evidently copied from the ancient messengers of the Persian Empire . . . well, well, well! )  - I must not fail in my duty to deliver unto the word of me . . . even though it be fractured and nonsensical and unworthy of the attention of your beautiful innocent eyes, so mote it be!

But look, the sun is setting and I must shortly away to a far far better place . . . for, ague-ridden as I am, I must to Tesco and therein of foodstuffs find in the Aisle of Nuthinsfree . . . and so, rather than force yourselves to read more of this rubbish than is absolutely necessary, I'd toddle off and do something far less boring if I were you . . . maybe write your own blog and fill it with really interesting and pertinent stuff or maybe spend a few moments reflecting on how lucky you are, especially by not being burdened with being me!

So I will go now, lay down my non-existent pen, blot my portrait of a landscape and wish you all an exceptionally fine eve

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Not sounding your jolly self , get better soon. Maybe you should lounge like a lizzard though i cant see Sal bringing you treats. x

  2. That virus is doing the rounds here, I had it a while back, I hope you feel better soon. I can recommend Fisherman's Friends. It's a grand post you have written anyway. I went to Tesco yesterday afternoon too (after work) - what a waste of a Saturday I always think. But we have a new Tesco in our locality - such a novelty to folk round here as we have no proper supermarkets so it still seems like a day out 8-)