Thursday, 28 October 2010

"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays"

And a very thrilling Þunresdæg  or Þorsdagr  to you all!

Those of you with a bent for Old and/or Middle English will be lepping up and down in your seats, one supposes, at the inclusion of a word or two of those much neglected tongues; I also include them for those of you without lingual ability but maybe curiosity and, without having to resort to catricide, I can reveal that it is merely the word for Thursday  - I thought it may please a very few selected readers, somewhere, some time . . .

It is all part of my master plan to bring little gobbets of education and illumination for your delectation; a plan not without its faults I do admit as it presumes that not only do you wish for this to happen but also that I have the pedagogic facility to make it do so - both rather large presumptions on my part for which I duly apologise!  I have this urge, this need, to pass on items of little or no interest so that they do not die and lie forgotten - and talking of which I can reveal to you, dear readers, that I was saddened (but not overly surprised) that no one saw fit to comment on yesterdays offering; I do agree that dear Viola is an acquired taste but rather pretty with it, don't you think?  I am putting together a facsimilie of "Flee the Lions" which will be available soon in pdf format ~ should you be interested , please drop me a line!

So, being in a  decidedly Carpe Diem -ish type of mien what does today lay before me like the feast of Babette? Well, it should be more reading  - and that will certainly take place as I have another appointment in Liverpool this weekend and need to be up to speed on stuff; that was not a drug reference by the way!  However, I do think a certain amount of theraputus retailus will take place as, in a few short hours, I will be accompanying the Old D on her weekly spree in the lauded halls of the mounting bill otherwise known as Tesk . . . before that I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain supermarket chain based in Debtsland is offering fig trees at a rather seductive price from today . . . hmmm!  Maybe . . .

And this evening I'm off to have more history stuffed in the old wetware once again at the Museum of Wigan Life where tonight's fare is the story of the Manchester Ship Canal which should be edifying indeed - I shall be taking my own teabag but relying on Rachael's cakes for sustenance!  So, all in all, a rather satisfying timetable . . . Oh, and for you news hounds hot on the trail of my boiler saga, the lovely Wendy has finally fixed the blessed beast which is now harrumphing in the corner and finally producing the goods - it is about 30 years old and should have been put out to pasture many a moon ago -  the boiler I mean not Wendy!

And so the morning wears on and it is fast approaching time for me to leave you here, sole in these fields . . . Sorry! I'm listening to Oxford Elegy as I write which is, as you must know by now if you are a regular reader of this blog, an adaptation of two of Matthew Arnold's poems "The Scholar Gypsy" and "Thyrsis" put to music by Ralph Vaughan Williams and contains the line "There, thou are gone, and me thou leavest here, sole in these fields" ;  I have yet to speak to another living soul who likes this as much as I do  - if any of you lost souls  have heard it and like it please contact me - if you haven't heard it and would like to do so please contact me with an email address and I will see what I can do!  Talking of such technical matters, I do need to set up an online space to store items such as pictures, music etc to enable those of you of a disposition to do so to download them at  your leisure and pleasure - if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this I would be gratified for the info! I was thinking of using Google docs but I am not sure if it allows others to access the files? I'm sure one of my geeky followers will have the answers I seek . . .

Geekdom is indeed a strange phenomenon; an article by the geeky and very beautiful Alice Bell in Guardian Science spoke of the self-same thing and made me think of all the women I admire for their geekyness - despite the inherent difficulties, I promised myself that I would not mention the lovely Dr Alice Roberts in this context, however, it seems I was fibbing mercilessly and so mote it be! I remember back in the mists of time when the dear lovely Joan Bakewell was referred to as the "Thinking Man's Crumpet"  - how the times have changed, eh! It is our preoccupation with image I suppose; we see someone like either of the Alice's and describe them in terms of visual rather than cerebral qualities . . .

Tempus Fugit and so must I; I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings today and they haven't taxed your patience too much . . . have a wonderful Thursday and, as this particular Child has far to go, I shall !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


Edit: I spoke too soon and with haste; someone has commented on Viola - many thanks for that! :) 


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  2. removed cos I cant spell ! All your blogs are interesting reads and glad to hear the boiler is fixed!

  3. Hey! Get me a couple of those fig trees will you, please. We are planting an orchard down here at Moulin du Clout and they would be just the ticket.
    I should like to hear the talk on the Manchester Ship Canal.
    Glad to hear your boiler is fixed. We met a lady plumber the other day - name of Hazel - admirable. I think I would take up plumbing if it wasn't too late.