Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Season of Darkness . . .

Good Morning Dear Readers!

Welcome to this eve of All Hallows; I trust you are thoroughly refreshed by your time-slippage during the wee small ones? The entire business appears to have skipped by me as would a friskysome lamb in Spring and, some six hours or so after opening my eyes, here I am seated at the business end of my PC writing for you once more . . .

And writing and its chronology are very much writ large on my mind at this time because not only do I have the usual tranche of academic masterpieces to churn out  but I have also, rather foolishly one suspects, signed up to NANoWriMo which, for those of you with a life, stands for National Write A Novel in a Month. The idea is fairly straight forward; starting at midnight tonight I have until midnight on the last day of November to write and submit a novel of 50,000 words - that's 1,667 per day, a mere bagatelle!  Whether I will be able to do it or not I have no idea but I suppose it's something to while away those leisure hours -  of which I have none!

I am also sneezing with great magnitude and hardly able to see the screen which accounts for most of the red squiggles under the words - that and an inability to spell properly, not unlike a very incompetent witch - oh my! A topical joke!

I am going  to take a short hiatus at this point and retire to my toilette to sort out my shortcomings . . . I would like to also point out that the preceding sentence contained no medial references whatsoever, before the rumours fly!  See you shortly!

And here we are back again at 3.15 in the afterlunch, which was taken with Dr T in Nero; she has gone to do something very academic with ice-truckers - it is better not to ask! - and I have become "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" and have written to the local rag lambasting its sloppy standards of journalism and its kow-towing to local millionaire businessmen . . . I did also suggest that they pay me to write an column with an alternative bias - maybe you could all support this claim and send the editor an email . . . that would be sweet of you!

And so the day seemingly slips somewhat prematurely into eve and I begin once again to mentally list my tasks for the week and shudder in anticipation; a long, long week with very early starts and late finishes . . . not forgetting the odd novel or two to dash off in between . . . ah me! It also involves a lot of travel which can be used constructively and with benefit as long as I can maintain consciousness.    I realise that I sound very churlish and surly about the commitments I am making but, in reality, it is entirely not the case; Three of the days involve training and supervision and I'm pleased to be able to extend my knowledge and competence as far as relates to my clients; the writing is more  a 'maybe' than a 'must' but I see it as a chance to exercise the muscle which has so long been out of use . . .you can stop sniggering at the back, it isn't that amusing!

I have at least ceased my sternutations; I'm sure you'll agree that there's nothing quite like a prolonged series of semi-autonomous, convulsive expulsions of carbon dioxide from the lungs through the nose and mouth to really get one's day off to a flying start! And yet as suddenly as they begin, they stop and abnormal service is resumed, very bizarre indeed. . .

But enough, I hear you cry, darkness falls and we must hie and away in our guises to treat the neighbours to a trick or two . . . very well, I shall give you leave but don't stray too far, will you?

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. catching up on your blog , been so busy working this week, Happy Halloween.

  2. And you still find time to write such an entertaining blog! A novel will be a doddle, you write so well.
    Happy Halloween, I am just off out now ...broomstick nicely polished up and ready to go.....
    PS The lines you wrote in your last blog comment at my place were beautiful by the way.....