Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Question of Time . . .

Good Late Afternoon to you all ~ at last those of you in the same time zone that is!

Back am I from Liverpool and, for once, anticipating the extra hour in bed tomorrow with chopped tomatoes, onions and herbage . . . sorry, I mean relish. For, as you are no doubt aware,  at Three of the clock time ceases to be what it is for a wee while and becomes what it was, and then, counter intuitively, what it was is then what it is . . . you see? It's quite simple; do try to keep up!

So Liverpool . . . well, it was really nice to meet some of the other travellers on the course along with the lovely Dr Jo who did some very expressive explaining . . . however, other travellers were also very evident; one on the train there, for example locked  himself in the toilet and made seal noises  for fifty minutes . . . this was accompanied by the train slipping on the wrong type of leaves again . . . after all, leaves falling in Autumn is so unusual, isn't  it? You can't expect the train boffins to come up with anything to combat such a way out event, can you?  Anyway,  I got there and did the thing and came back - 'nuff said!

I also received another book to review from those awfully nice Waterstones people; they really are incredibly kind and when I have done the reviews I shall point you in their direction and you can spend your Saturday pennies there perhaps if the mood takes you . . .

We also have Halloween coming along tomorrow; The Old Duchess was married on that day 64 years ago and recalls it was so warm and sunny that she  " . . . only needed a cardigan" Bless! Whoops! I think I can feel as passage of time coming on again . . .

A Passage of Time

Rarely am I wrong about these things! A veritable Time Lord wouldn't you say?  Anyhow, 'tis now eleven of the clock and I've just had a lazy evening watching a Swedish horror film called "Let the Right One In" which I thoroughly recommend; some of you may find the pace a little unusual but if you've ever experienced Scandinavian cinema  -  and by that I don't mean the sort shown in grubby booths in Soho way back when - you will understand what I'm saying . . . there is a slowness and, in this case, a claustrophobia that was as scary as the subject matter . . . why not give it a go and let me know what you think?

Being in charge of time is, of course, a very tiring business and I think I may retire shortly to seek my straw in some sequestered grange and enjoy my extra hour to the full.

I hope all is well with you all and that you have a most enjoyable and luscious nocturne

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

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