Thursday, 7 October 2010

Numbering Our Days and Applying Our Hearts to Wisdom*

Good Morning dear friends . . . I do hope I haven't woken you . . . no? Ah good!

Another early start as I have words to read and write so that they stay somewhat more than momentarily in what passes for a memory these days, not least this poor effort at immortality . . . as our colonial cousin Henry once said
" Lives of great men all remind us, we may make our lives sublime, and departing leave behind us, footprints in the sands of time" 
well, I think my particular Man Friday's are impressed on slightly more shifting, virtual sand than he was referring to but, nonetheless, here they are for you to follow is you wish!  Interestingly enough, Henry, who I always consider being very old school indeed, died a mere 78 years to the day before I was born; I do hope it wasn't anything I was going to say . . .

Before I began this morning's dog's breakfast I was out and about briefly with my own particular canine companion and, whilst she was employed in sniff and whatnot, I craned my neck and looked at the stars . . . there was Orion as always in Winter, his three-star belt an obvious pointer, then Queen Cassiopeia ruling silently still . . . and I must say it took me back to my childhood when I was quite a keen astronomer and used to shiver outside with my 2 inch refractor - I hope there's no sniggering at the back, there! - desperately wanting to see  Andromeda as it appeared in my Ladybird Book of The Night Sky . . . it never looked anything more than a smudged thumbprint on the lens but I kept hoping . . . 

Even then, way back in the mists of time as I'm sure you youngsters consider it,  streetlighting was a problem as it tends to prevent you from seeing the sky without a glare of light pollution . . . we could do worse than adopt the European plan of switching off lights at a certain time if they are not needed, thus saving the planet and a bit of cash too . . . and I believe my dear old home of years ago, Oslo, has adopted a system to efficiently monitor and control streetlights since I lived there . . . mind you, the good burghers of that city are quite canny and inventive when it comes to dealing with life's little issues . . . in the city itself the heat generated by the subway system is piped onto the streets and melts the snow in Winter making it safer to walk and not spending the vast sums we do on salt and grit . . .

Here I am, scaring you with tales of snow and ice and we are only just poking our noses, still warm from Summer sun, into the leaf-pile of Autumn!  Forgive me!  I hope that today is the kind of day you want to remember for all the right reasons; today is in fact  my 18,495th in this world and I wonder how few of them I actually remember and for what reasons? Mmm . . . well, I'll leave that one with you and until number 18,496  comes around I shall wish you a very good one!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


*Thanks to Mr Google I managed to track down this quotation that was rolling around my head; it is evidently Psalm 90, v 12  and nothing whatsoever to do with Norman who left the stage 3 days ago . . .

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