Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Great Aunt and Other Rainy Sundays

Good Morning Children!

Welcome to a curiously misnamed Sunday, it being an example of the kind of day where ducks wear wellingtons and fishes congregate under bridges to shelter from the torrential downpour!

I was wondering what kind of repast I could serve for you today to revitalise your probably tarnished palettes and decided to check out what other bloggers had written about "Rainy Sundays" courtesy of Mr Google . . .

Only two came lepping out at me - and for very different reasons!  One was "Une Vie Saine" by Gabriella, a blogger form New York ( who's blog seemed to consist of a list of everything she'd eaten that day along with photographs of it . . . hmmm . . . anyway, swiftly moving on I found one much more to my liking in Moutainear's lovely offering ( which I enjoyed reading so much I decided to follow . . . You could do worse than follow Daddy's example and see if it suits! 

Today is the kind of day to sit and watch films; being a cineaste in a previous existence I really enjoy film - although I can be a bit uber-critical - and so my list of favourites is, fortunately for yourselves, too long to include here but today sort of feels like an old B&W day, perhaps "Harvey" with dear old Jimmy Stewart as my favourite, most lovable drunk in history  . . . such films also remind me of Sunday afternoons spent with my Gt Aunt Florence who was a massive influence on my life and a complete and utter mad woman in the very maddest but loveliest sense of the word!

Flo in her later years
She was born in Wigan in 1899 an after more adventures than an Enid Blyton character ended up as a theatrical landlady in Bristol.  Following a bombing raid in which she lost practically everything she ended up back in Wigan and, years later in the 1960's, in my life.
Before I began school she taught me rudimentary French, Piano and a love of the Archers and I used to spend Sunday afternoons watching old films on her very old TV and eating brown toast with  Shippam's bloater paste . . . She was the kind of woman they don't make any more and I miss her ever so much!

Time's winged chariot informs me, as it trundles past, that I must away and to my tasks for the  day - which basically involve buying things to eat and films to watch . . . I want you all to play nicely and not to disturb Daddy in his study when he is working  . . .
Oh!  Before I go I do want to thank those of you kind enough to leave comments; your praise is wonderful to hear, hard to believe, but lovely all the same ~ huge hugs!

'til next time

Be Seeing you !


  1. venture outdoors it isnt too bad apart from the rain and the multitudes of rugby fans filling the town centre cheering on their winning team.

  2. Hi Ian thank you door asking to join us on Purplecoo . . . I have sent you an email asking you to respond - we have had a lot of hoaxers recently. If you haven't got the email then please check your spam filter. Look forward to talking to you and to processing your membership.

  3. Just found your blog via Purplecoo, and very nice it is too, I will be back. I love your bookshelves, how did you get them??

  4. Lovely story, Ian. Thank you.

  5. Enjoy reading your blog , very entertaining.