Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Merry Mittwoche, Marvelous Miðvikudagur and a Wonderful Wednesday to You All !

And, as I just manage sneak in under the wire before noon I can still wish you all a very jolly Good Morning too !

And what a long and industrious one it has been; another 5 am start to ensure various bits and bobs are completed on schedule, namely reading for OU and sorting out clients and supervisory tasks and reports, plus the fun bits as in writing my ebook - not yet started -  and writing this blog, which has been waiting for me since I returned from a walk with herslef at just after seven am . . .
It really was a lovely cold crisp and crunchily cheerful morning; along the river in the ivy bushes (which are flowering profusely) flocks of sparrows were arguing and tweeting loudly (where do they get their mobiles from? and are they Blackberries?) much to delight and pretend consternation of Sal who treated them as rude and noisy intruders to be told in no uncertain terms of their undesirability and general all-round bad-eggness - a quite suitable and appropriate term of reference for those of ovoid descent -  as are we all I suppose! Actually, I think the term applies mainly to the shape rather than the form of birth, and in that particular sense we are viviparous, aren't we?  You see the effect that working from five has on one? and, as today is my day at my Ivy-clad seat of learning,  I shall be at it until after nine pee-em . . .

In the course of all this work I have been dipping in and out of my Tweet page and doing the odd post or three and, following a recommendation by that thoroughly nice chap Stephen Fry (did you hear the name drop then?  I shall do it again just in case it by-passed your delicate shell-like... Stephen Fry, there!  Happy?) I discovered a blog by a delightful creature named Jules who hosts a most wonderful blog and is offering a free ebook and audio download concerning Lupus - an affliction I knew nothing and now know a little about!  Should you wish to find out about this I suggest you follow Stephen's link and see for yourself; Jule's blog can be found at and also down below in my "Blogs I follow" bit 

It really is a beautiful day; in a few brief hours I shall be resuming my love affair with the train and trundling zum Bummelzug through the avenue that has formed at the side of the tracks to the little station where, when the train pulls out, a wash of silence descends and one stands at at point on a line like a living geometrical figure . . . there is nothing stirring in either direction except the past and future meeting in your presence.

But enough metaphysical meanderings; I should away about my business which, it now being fast approaching one pm, must encompass ironing, bathing and luncheon though obviously not all at the same time . . . just which item to choose form my extensive wardrobe can be rather tricky though . . . shall I wear the black t shirt or . . . the black t shirt? Such sartorial sizing-ups are wasted on Sal of course who, being of free and glorious spirit, refuses to wear clothes at all! The delicious twins in charge of La Maison de Scintillement et Shoop (see yesterday's post) once furnished her with a very trendy puffa-jacket type object which induced almost immediate despondency and looks of such abject misery that we were forced to remove it and feel guilty for a good hour or so as she passed by with looks of "How could you?" eloquently expressed in the limpid pools of her eyes . . . she has tried to encourage me in public nudity but I manage to control the urge to FKK in the local environs, much to everyone's profound relief!

And so I must away;  I hope you make the most of this glorious sunshiney day and thoroughly enjoy yourself . . . now would be a good point to stop reading this and pop outside to soak up the joys of living and loving!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Did you wear the black t shirt? lol

  2. Nope! An orange one that was hiding at the back of the wardrobe . . . sneaky, eh! ॐ

  3. That does sound a lovely morning, Ian. Reading your post, I looked out of the window of my ninth-floor office in London and saw grey. The sky is like margarine with no colour added.