Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Last Oozings, Hours by Hours . . .

Welcome to the kind of twisty, still and silent kind of Autumn day that seems to be waiting for something to happen . . .

Gold begins to appear on the trees outside my window but the sky, today, is flat ~ by that I mean that there's more or less total cloud cover and, from a photographic point of view, not very interesting to shoot anything! Like life, you need light, shade and contrast to make most things interesting . . . a thought that re-occurred to me earlier when, instead of being a sensible chap and making toast and marmalade to go with my tissane I opted instead for some Gewürz Spekulatius which, as any one in their right mind will tell you, are really Christmas biscuits . . . but we can now have anything we want at any time of the year - and so I think we run the risk of losing the specialness of everyday things by making them . . . well, everyday!

In the dim and distant past I used to spend some of my time WWOOFing; now, before you call the authorities I should maybe explain that the delightfully canine acronym has little or nothing to do with man's best friend or strange assignations with strangers in twilight car parks but in fact represents an organisation dedicated to Working Weekends On Organic Farms . . . the idea is that you toddle along and experience life on a real working farm for free - well, you pay with your labour normally . . .  anyhow, I used to go to a place in the Peaks run by a delightful couple named Sheila and Cliff and living there was like stepping back a couple of hundred years at least!

There was electricity for just one hour per day - they used it to watch Emmerdale Farm believe it or not! - there was a cold tap, no bathroom, a dry earth toilet and the ploughing was done by two enormous and beautiful Shire horses . . . there was butter and cheese made on the spot, milk from the cow and mud everywhere, even in the middle of the hottest summers!  My bedroom was actually some planks over the byre and so when I lay on my mattress I could see between the boards into the dark and fragrant cowshed below . . . after a wee while one really began to appreciate the small things in life and that first shower on returning home was bliss!

I suppose October is the last real month of guzzling for some of the animals before the blood month of November ~ traditionally when animals were killed to provide food over the Winter . . . as I said in one of the earlier postings, the circular nature of life is really evident in these situations; the lack of rush and dash and no timeness . . . a valuable lesson awaits our attention if only we have the nous ( good old Greek word there!)  to stop and acknowledge it!

With my usual flair for saying one thing and doing another I notice that I am, horologically speaking, somewhat behind with my plan for the day and so I must away.   Make the most of your day by realising that every second of it is important . . . the old adage about living every day as if it were your last springs to mind but I don't think it's about trying to do everything all the time, but more about relishing and savouring each moment for its unique and individual flavour.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. ""but I don't think it's about trying to do everything all the time, but more about relishing and savouring each moment for it unique and individual flavour.""

    words so wise

  2. ""Life on a real working farm didnt sound to bad until i got to the part about the dry earth toilet.""