Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Kinder World Than Suburbia . . .

Good Afternoon Sweet Children ~ How are you?
I've had a long but pleasant day being Ladies Who Lunch with Sister Cate  and also traipsing (gorgeous word!) around the Aisles of Plenty with both her and Sister Eileen in attendance on the Old Duchess who, poor love, is finding it more and more difficult to find something she wants to eat; various solutions were tried today including a banana flavoured milky food drink  . . . we shall see whether that excites the poor old soul's taste buds . . . I narrowly avoided the Parkin aisle as I knew what the outcome would be and, as I am already the size of several small to medium principalities, it would not be advisable or attractive to behold!

The day has been somewhat gray with faint kisses of either drizzle or possibly even snowy - type stuff,  and has become increasingly cold . . . in the centre of town the amazing South American Indian musicians were playing again ~  does anyone know what they are called? - anyhow, they are superb and even had the glum folk of Wigan shimmying along . . . I learned from a conversation with the lovely Geekygirl Jules early this morning that the native tribes (as it were) of Canada are referred to as First Nations; I wonder what the First Nations of our mongrel state are? Most of my lot shipped over here to this part of Wigan from the Emerald Isle to avoid starvation and persecution - and came to abject poverty . . . hmmm . . .  it's good to know that I am back to my roots physically and financially at least!

I'm getting all set for my trip to their port of arrival, Liverpool, on Saturday; I have a two hour tutorial with Dr L and am apprehensive as you can imagine . . . it is some while since I was last in that city - I actually attended a days exploration of the Anglican Cathedral with the very wise and entertaining Peter Kennerley  who told us tales and dragged us from crypt to tops of towers - it is, by the way, an magnificent building and I planned several shows to take part under the vaulting of the Central Space which, sadly due to funding issues, were never realised . . . anyway, should you find yourself in that part of Mount Pleasant it is well worth a visit.  As I wrote that it occurred to me that, although I have spent very little time in Liverpool, what time I have has been dedicated to being in the cathedrals!  I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I once worked for a firm of organ tuners and did the RC one on a very hot afternoon - at least outside it was; I was sat at the keyboard shivering in my afghan!

Before then, of course, I'm off to Bury and a meet with my lovely clients - all this jet setting (well, train and tram setting) it's no wonder he is such a cosmopolitan figure I hear you remark - ah! Dear Friends, I am a man about town true enough - or maybe a chap about a conurbation at least!  I am certainly less James Bond milling 'round Mayfair or Monte Carlo and more like John Betjaman meandering though Metroland - which, by the way,  is an exceptionally fine documentary made in the '70s and well worth a watch if you can find it!
And so the afternoon dissolves slowly into evening and such culinary tasks as there are for me to do beckon with increasing urgency . . . I do hope you all have a lovely evening and that your only concern is which of the multitude of entertaining and amusing ways available to spend it you choose first !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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