Sunday, 10 October 2010

It's Bright . . . It's Blue . . . It's Forty-Two !

Good morning dear friends and welcome to this rather gorgeous Sunday morning which is the highly auspiciously dated 10.10.10 which of course, for all you binary bods out there is 42 . . . as you may recall '42' is the answer to everything in the Universe; now we just need to find the question . . . and that, dear readers is why the Earth was formed . . . for more information on that why not pop along to and join in the fun . . .

Also today - and rather connected to the last post - is an international day of action for all things environmental; you surely could do a lot worse than to add your email at and have a look at the 7347 events taking place in 188 countries - there may be one near you!

I feel much better today - despite having begun to write this at just before ten am, saved it, returned to it just now and deleted all my work by mistake . . . these things really try to test ones positiveness, dontcha think?   However, maybe it was for the better as I now feel clearer in my mind although considerably shorter on time . . .  today will be a bit of a chilling day with the Grand Prix and a walk in the offing this afternoon . . . although being a good catholic girl I haven't forgotten all the reading I have to do for the OU . . . a shuffling around of tasks is required one thinks!

One of the many things I have on my ever-expanding To Do list is the publication of an e-book; it's something I have been considering for quite a while and I found a rather informative article in this months "Writing" magazine about just that . . . I should point out that I normally avoid such publications like the plague; I often see people spending their hard earned £5 on a magazine selling boats that start at £2.5m etc and feel vaguely queasy but I suppose we can all dream . . . however this article was actually quite factual and takes one through the stages step-by-step and so it could be a possibility . . . would you pay £2 for one of my books?  Now there's the rub . . .

I have become connected to that really rather nice bunch of people over at PurpleCoo ~ I just wanted to give them a mention as they have been tremendously supportive and now, thanks to them, this drivel has been read internationally - I am positively wetting myself with pride and joy! I shall see about formalising a link on here then you all may visit the byre and bow down before the holy ones . . .

It is fast approaching noon and I should away to my toilette to perform the necessary rituals vital to my transformation into something able to be viewed without copious vomiting . . . it has been lovely having this brief but slightly more positive natter with you lot, I hope you have a super day

'til next time

Be Seeing You!

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  1. Good idea book writing, I reckon you could have a crackin best seller hidden in that bonce somewhere!

    Oh and who said you could nick one of my sayings? I dont recall permission being asked!