Sunday, 24 October 2010

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear . . .

Hello! What are you doing up a this time of night? Oh well, seeing as you are, come and sit closer to the fire away from the shadows at the edge of the room and let us share the last few moments of this frosty eve together . . .

Through the library window the great eye of the moon stares down at the already coated rooftops and silvered trees from the jewel-studded purple-black cushion of sky and paints the lawns with steely blue light; wise creatures know this is not a night to be abroad for any length of time and make such errands as they have short and shivery before returning to their lairs away from the forbidding gaze of this hunter's moon whilst we poor mortals sit by our inglenooks and fill our rooms with welcoming light to banish, at least for a little while, thoughts of our own mortality.

The dance of the flames causes the shadows to wash like waves against the wainscot and, with rugs and warming drinks, we find ourselves as shipwrecked mariners on a distant unknown shore, too afraid not to look into the darkness and wonder just what awaits us beyond the pool of crackling light . . . one by one, the tales we tell dispel our fears or hold them near to chill our already petrified souls and widen our sleepless eyes . . .

In this way we are like our ancestors in those days of caves; the fear never really leaves us, despite our modern life with all the lights and noise we need to drown out thoughts and feelings . . . on nights like this, if you sit quietly enough, you can see the past living still, just beyond the line of trees,  in the pool of light besides the river, in the eyes of those who know the way that death can fall from the sky with silent wings . . .

But there is no need to be afraid; an old man's tales at his fireside should not dictate your dreams!  Ignore his foolishness and take yourself to that sweeter part of life that is so much like heaven should be; surrender to your dreams and may they hold you safe until you wake 

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Beautifully written, very easy to imagine!

    thank you x

  2. Sent a shiver down my spine reading that , very eerie. x