Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In the Room the Women Come and Go . . . *

Good Evening dear friends and what a chilly one it has become!

I braved most of today wearing only a sort of long sleeved cheesecloth shirt (and trousers of course) that, when I was in Oslo many moons ago,  I would refer to as something like Bøsserøl (pronounced bur-sir-url) but that is plainly wrong as it means beer cellar . . .  anyhow, despite the lateness of the season, and my silliness in so far as  choice of clothing was concerned,  it was actually a stunningly warm and beautiful day.

I was over to see my supervisor and glean wisdom and advice for my counselling, and a very successful and enjoyable couple of hours it was, punctuated by cups of green and trips to the loo . . . I walked back to the station via a lovely little village with a green and a tiny post office - sadly though, the only other two shops I could see were hairdressers . . .hmmm!

As usual the train trundled and I listened to my favourite RVW piece " Oxford Elegy" having the luxury of not having to listen for my phone ringing as I had inadvertently left it at home!  'Pon my return I collected herself and off we went for a stroll.  By the way it has been pointed out to me that there is too little concerning the Famous Sally Dog in this blog and that, preferably, I should just shut up and let her get on with it . . . an idea not totally without merit I must agree . . . maybe if you are obedient little ones I shall publish another photograph of herself then you can all 'awwww! to your heart's content . . . maybe . . .

During the walk we called into La Maison de Scintillement et Shoop, one of our very favourite boutiques and one where at least one of us is greeted with love and affection . .  no, you eager beavers! Put your hands down; there is sadly no prize for guessing which one of us that is! Anyhow, gifts beyond the generosity of Croesus were heaped in our arms -  well, mine - and off we staggered homeward again . . . I ventured out to Academia Towers and shivered my way back via the Hall of the Mountainous Bling other wise known as Tesco which does seem to attract wearers of that at this hour of the evening . . .

And here I am; another day is nearly done and so is another rambling amble through the shambles of my days . . . Tomorrow is Ivyland again - the time is zipping past so quickly these days, very scary indeed! - and more fun and frolics with chums and working out of attachment theories and the like . . . I shall probably be larking about at five am again and so I shall love and leave you in equal measure and hope your pleasure gained is at least twice the effort expended in reading this!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


ps I hadn't forgotten - here it is, not the best one, but something to be going on with!

Abandoned in the Wilderness!

 * Yes, of course . . . Prufrock!



  1. Poor Sal! That pose is saying "I hate getting my paws wet dontcha know!"

  2. more like " I hate getting my bum wet" :)

  3. Sal thanks you for your comments and concern about the dampness of her derriere . . . in an effort to boost your blogging Muesli I have elected to follow your blog - so now you have two followers! :) ॐ

  4. fantastic pic of Sal , prefaring to get wet rather than spoil har lovely jacket from the posh Boutique :)