Monday, 4 October 2010

In the Library, after Dark, a Voice is Heard . . .

Good Evening my beloved ones ~ how has your day been?

I've had quite a good one all in all; I delved, like Adam before me, into the earthy pleasures and earthly treasures of a century of psychology and found it very interesting indeed - which is a good start I suppose . . . I then met with the People Who Know Water and watched as one of them finally found the source of a leak that I first reported seven and a half years ago -  this veritable Speke spoke of a new boiler but . . . it was not to be, so my plans of constant hot water have gone for a Burton sadly!  

But hold fast and be of good cheer! For then I was away to town and purchased a little digital voice recorder which I was expecting to set me back a goodly sum but which I got reduced by 62.5%!  The sun was indeed shining on me, whether I was righteous or not !  This now enables me to capture the Saturday Morning sermons on the Mount Pleasant for weirdly cyber transcription later ~ by a dragon, naturally  . . . cryptic, eh! 

And, following walks by the river, food and more readings, here I am returned to the fold just in time to tuck you up for a well deserved snooze as I work on into the wee small hours, midnight oil and both ends burning brighter than Jupiter in the dark blue-black Quinky sky . . .

But not for too long as tomorrow is Duchess Day; she was busy today with another appointment so we are met before the midday strikes for luncheon and talks of this and that and what was and is . . . I expect the spectre of Christmas Yet To Be will rear its fuzzy phizog as we are little more than three months away . . .

I am once again in the driving seat for the festivities, navigating my way to the Fair Acres of Glascoed to bring the artist formerly known as P up for the season which is indeed good news as this time last year she was very poorly  and I got to know Wrexham Hospital - and the associated lovely Industrial Estate - very well indeed.  Dr T and I were speaking of the terrible snow and ice we experienced on our trips; the very worst being less than a mile from the Bijou Penthouse Suite with cars and buses carouselling around in rush hour traffic . . .

The rest of the week slots slickly into place with Wednesday affording an exploration of the luscious delights of my favourite seat of learning, Thursday offering a retail opportunity with the Old Duchess amongst the food halls and aisles of plenty and Friday it's time for me to head Eastward and my clients again.
Entwining throughout this like a sweetly scented but still deceptively dangerous Fleur du mals are the tender tendrils of this blog, my very own outrage aux bonnes mœurs of which I am secretly very fond!  I hope you too find it not too tedious to read and perhaps, a little curate's eggish maybe?

And so as another midnight approaches and another day is done I shall bid you all a fond farewell and wish you all the very best of everything

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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