Monday, 18 October 2010

"Have you tried Dickens?" *

Good Evening wee ones; I can't believe Nanny has let you stay up so late!  Well, just time for a quick word or two, a peck on the cheek and away you go to bed, you scamps!

So what pearls of wisdom are waiting to drip drop from my sageness in this nearly midnight room? Well, to be totally Frank these ole blue eyes have remained partially closed this weekend or so it seems; perhaps it is a case of feeling a tad under the weather or something but I do feel distinctly lacking in the old creative juices . . . and when I consider it, I suppose I do put myself under some pressure to write one of these each day  . . . I wonder how many words I have written so far? I read an article about writing a novel in a month -  which is reckoned at about 50,000 words so that's around 1,600 words a day - I think each one of these is probably around 500 words . . . mmm . . . if I am ever going to sit on my Venetian balcony I'd better get my word count up!

But then again I'm no Charles Dickens! By that I mean that I don't write at "a penny a word" as he did - hence the very wordy passages which aren't altogether to my taste I must admit!  You can well imagine Mrs D saying "Well Charlie, I don't know about you but I think that kitchen is so 1820's - get your finger out and  get a few novels, reviews and periodicals done 'cos I've seen his one in Ikea . . ." Actually, I'm sure the dear Catherine rarely had time to do much having produced 10 children between 1836-1858, following which, of course, she was abandoned when he left her for his mistress Ellen Ternan who was an actress . . . I could, at this point, try to insert a little bon mot around his penis mightier than his word or something, even missing out the space between pen and is for comic effect . . . but I shan't. . . nor shall I snigger when reporting he died of a stroke . . .

It should also be pointed out - not that it needs to be I don't suppose - but I am not only not as prolific as Mr D in terms of children or output, but I certainly don't have his undoubted talent; that I manage to complete one of these each day I consider an achievement, if not a very worthy one.

It's all about finding your voice; finding the way of being in words that allows you to express yourself with congruence and sincerity; mine seems to be most accurately spoken as it were in poems and short prose pieces . . . and, I suppose, blogs!  Talking of which the deadline for this is fast approaching and so there I must leave it for tonight . . .

A hush fell around the room as the great man stopped speaking; the children's eyes were closed and the dreams that pulsed beneath them lay well beyond the reach of his imagination and so beyond his telling. He bent down and kissed each on of them gently saying

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* Punchline to a very old joke about a young lady and a librarian!

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  1. When you say it fast, Ian, 1,600 words a day doesn't sound much!