Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Forecast for Today . . .

The question I ask myself, dear readers, is will it ever get light today?

If you look out of the window you will see that it is, not unlike yours truly, gray and miserable and very wet blanketish indeed; as I write the sweet plumberperson is scrambling about inside the remains of the boiler and, being small and petite, she is doing what seems to be a marvellous job and will, one hopes, soon have the vulcan breathing fire once more . . .  

My plans for the day? Well I am intending to pop into town for a few bits and bobs and, who knows, I may treat myself to an extended green tea and cheesecake  session although I must finish off the OU stuff first of course . . . it is definitely a 'sitting by the fire reading a book' type of day, although I concede it would ultimately be more profitable to be sitting by the PC writing a book type of day - I may take my mini and pose in Nero whilst composing my epic ~ sad, wouldn't you say?

Despite the fact that I thought I had made the arrangements in August it seems I was sadly mistaken and so must also make further arrangements to view a new pied a terre which is just around the corner from here; it has several advantages being new build, not least of which, one hopes, is that  it's energy efficiency should be somewhat higher than the sieve in which I currently abide plus it has an age restriction which should ensure that my ponderings are not disturbed any longer by the 24/7 house music party that seems to be ever present in the surrounding properties . . . we shall see but, unlike the pearl divers of yore which I  seem to refer to with some frequency in these musings, I shall not be holding my breath!

Earlier today a friend remarked that waiting for the boiler repair people always reminded her of the famous Flanders and Swann Song "The Gas Man Cometh"  in which each successive repair causes further damage and needs the attention of another 'professional' . . . Can you begin to guess where this is heading?  Yes, you're right!  We now need an electrician as fitting the gas part has broken an electrical part . . . ah me!  I am promised a 'bodge' today with a proper repair in the future . . .

I have received yet more replies from my MP in response to my lobbying which are surprisingly supportive  - although being in opposition gives one that advantage I suppose! And she is new and so keen to win favour; I could be doing her a complete disservice with those remarks but when one is used to dealing with the politicos of this world one's view tends to be less rose and more jade!

Allons! I shall return to my studies and hope the electric chicken arrives  before the permafrost;  I hope you have a spiffing day despite the gloom and doom of the weather and of this blog . . . as the late Nick Drake intimated it may become Bryter Layter

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

PS:  Found this as a possible cure for gloom via Richard Wiseman - what do you think?


  1. If only they had agreed to fit a new boiler in the first place!

  2. Good luck with all that, Ian.

    I totally sympathise on the noise front: we regularly get bombarded by people who seem to think that living in flats mean that they should share their music with everyone else. It's not so bad now, of course, as windows and doors are shut against the cold, but in summer, if I'm trying to sit outside and read, I can hardly hear myself think sometimes.

    One of these days, I'm going to put speakers onto the garden table and give everyone a blast of Wagner.