Friday, 22 October 2010

A Few Words Before Bedtime . . .

Good Eve my little weekenders; I trust you are having fun and generally behaving in a non-too-unsavoury manner . . . 

I am seated at my mini notebook pc with the sounds of QI burbling in the background; at one time I was an avid watcher of the said prog but these days it is rare indeed to find the TV even switched on unless it is something historical and factual . . . I probably sound very middle-class and aged in that pronunciation ~ I can assure you that is totally false impression to give and  untrue in every way in, except for the aged bit of course!

Today has been a travelling day with my weekly pilgrimage to the shrine of St Bury and during my train and trammage there and back again I had one quite lovely experience; as I was waiting to leave Bury the mist was quite low and, over a bridge just in front of the tram, passed a beautiful steam train - it may have been a Black 5 but probably not because of these  things I am singularly ignorant - and it was a wonderful Brief Encounter moment, ah me!  The said steamer was from the East Lancs Railway I think, the one that travels to the wonderfully named Ramsbottom - know locally as Rammy!

And so now, supper and the day over and done with, 'tis time for me to write the old blog and add that little ray of sunshine for which you have so longed for so long, well, since yesterday anyway . . . and talking of blog and all things bloggness I had a very interesting email today from a company who found my blog fascinating and wanted me to host a cookware giveaway as part of it!  The connection, I must admit, still escapes me . . . but  for those of you with blogs who want to give away kitchen paraphernalia drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with these people . . . bizarre!  Strangely enough "paraphernalia" was originally those belongings peculiar to females, I believe . . . following a quick google I can confirm it means "beyond the dowry" or the separate property of a married woman and it is plural, so there you go!

And so go I; I shall leave you to enjoy what remains of the evening and hope that the sweetness of your eventual dreams is only surpassed by the glory of your morning
'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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