Saturday, 2 October 2010

Both a Little Lower Than the Angels, In the Teashop's Inglenook

Good Morning ! 

And what a blue-eyed-high-sky-Saturday it has turned out to be; the transformation from the dark chilliness at 5 am to the lovely puts-a-smile-on-the-old-phizog splendour of just before ten is amazing and welcome indeed!

Today's plans include doing all of the OU work that is timetabled for today - it is my very first OU Saturday (a phrase which I am now mentally singing to the tune of dear old DB's 1973 hit)  - and I am keen to begin . . . although first off, following the necessary ablutions which I'm sure your day will be all the better for not knowing about, and those of Sally Dog which is a very definite ditto, is a light luncheon with the Old Duchess on a rare Saturday away from Dun Ramblin' and Sister Cate @ Howard's bijou foodery in the Wiend . . .  it will be an interesting one for me as I haven't eaten there since forsaking the sins of the flesh consumption and so anything on offer other than a bowl of soup will be a bonus!  

The town is very sadly lacking in good places to dine; I counted once from the two stations up through the centre and out towards the Royal Oak on Standishgate and there are a phenomenal number of purveyors of comestibles  - including the obligatory masses of pie shops - but trying to find somewhere half decent is tricky; besides, Gallimore's is one of the OD's favourites as Howard always chats to her and makes her feel welcome . . . so that's where we are off to in about one and a half hours . . .

Later I shall no doubt be ensconced in Nero to recover from ministering to the demands of the OD, where I hope -  for their sake -  they actually have some Sicilian Lemon Cheesecake . . . I have been badly let down on the last couple of occasions - standards are slipping! 
The good Dr T  will not be joining us; for her birthday she received a copy of Sid Meier's Civilisation V which she is longing to play on her new PC . . . sadly there seem to be many, many problems with Sid's latest product and the windows of Academic Towers are prone to be in a state of disrepair following the flinging of objects - including new PC's - if the situation is not resolved . . . discretion being the better part of valour I have elected to provide all help and support by email!

And so it is time for me to leave the cheery glow of your company and set out in the the wide blue yonder;  I hope that your day is simply super and that the only problem you may encounter is a slight ache in the cheeks due to having to smile so much !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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