Friday, 29 October 2010

And I: If wishes would prevail with me, my purpose should not fail with me. . .

Good evening my dear friends!

A stormy Autumn without and warm frankincense and myrrh within, the 'now' finds me tip tapping my blind man's cane cadence to you across the ether and waiting for the words to fall into your lives, noticed or not, read or unread, but still sent with warmth on this chilly night towards the year's end . . .

In the streets a sense of timeless untimely Mardi Gras, with masks, costumes and booze concealing the revellers or miscreants depending on your point of view, whilst the sky is filled with chrysanthemums of light and sound as the date we should always remember, remember, approaches swiftly on the ghostly heels of Halloween.

I have my words; words to write and read and remember and order and change and deliver and present and all, it seems, at one and the same time.  I place myself in ridiculous positions and put pressure to bear where it need not be . . . ah well, it is interesting I suppose, not unlike the Chinese adage about living in "interesting times"  only this is purely self-inflicted, a shot through the foot with a war - poet's ancient pistol taken for this purpose from the hostess of the Boar's Head Tavern . . . cryptic or crap-tic? I shall leave that for you to decide!

Back in the realness of now I have a considerable amount to do before tomorrow's jaunt to Liverpool - and this time I sincerely hope I get there! - much ado about identity and ethics; should be interesting - I shall report more on that later . . .

Today was rather up and down as one of my clients would say - I seemed to spend a long time travelling in very sardined conditions due, no doubt, to half-term and the eagerness of parents to lavish dosh on their teenage offspring to get them out of the house for a few hours! I must say three of them planted themselves on my table and were intolerable, in my opinion, all the way to Manchester . . . they seem so . . . lacking? There didn't appear to be any of the vital spark there at all - but that is undoubtedly more about me rather than a true reflection of them; they could be absolutely charming individuals . . . and not at all as moronic as they appeared. Can it be that, as access to everything in the world has become easier and quicker, it has for them become less fascinating?

I fear my aged curmudgeonlyness is to the fore and so rather than make you sit and listen to "Gramp's Grumps" I shall encourage you to fly off somewhere and enjoy yourselves . . . have pleasant eve and try to remember me when I wasn't old and miserable!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. blimey oh ancient one, you are surely wading through the molasses! Age is relative, for all your venerable seasons you strike me as young at heart and up for a laugh x