Monday, 11 October 2010

All in the Golden Afternoon . . . and Evening!

Good afternoon and quite the golden one, wouldn't you say?

Not golden in the sense that the Reverend D referred to on his boat trip up the Isis to the Treacle Well at Binsey but somewhat golden nonetheless; as I tip tap out my words to you the last few beams of day are slanting through the trees and forming pools at my feet . . . really rather splendid I feel!

I met the Duchess for luncheon at the Orchid Rooms where, sad to say, it was the last day for the lovely loquacious Lois our very welcoming hostess sans trolley   ~ however, she is away for the very best of reasons and plans to return Madonna-like (as in Mary rather than Madge) from time to time with the wee one at her hip . . . I wish her the very finest luck and best sandwiches!  Afterward, the Duchess and I strolled around the shops for a tad until her carriage arrived and whisked her back to the pile, whence I to my work and more Open U to digest with suitably timed interruptions from the Famous Sally Dog in order to stretch her wee hairy legs . . .

She has already gained quite a fan base with our new chums in the land of the Purple Coo; as per usual no-one is particularly interested in anything I say or do when she is around - imagine if she could type - ye gods and little fishes! No-one would ever read this blog, they'd be far too busy cooing over her latest pics . . . she is vanity personified although tends to balance beauty with a healthy stench of the mud from the bottom of the pools and puddles  she manages to find wherever we go!

On the way to luncheon I passed a most disturbing sight - to my mind at least; I'd read in the local newspaper over the weekend that there was furore taking place at the local infirmary as they had - shock! horror!  - made the entire site a smoke-free zone . . . so now the patients are sitting in the bus stop outside the hospital in their PJ's and slippers holding drips etc in order to indulge their disgustingly life-threatening habit  -  not that I'm biased , you understand! 
Having read the story I tut-tutted to myself and remarked upon it to the Duchess . . . however, today I saw it with my own eyes; one particular lady was sitting there as I passed on the way to and from lunch . .  so she must have been there at least one and a half hours . . . surely if you feel well enough to sit outside in October in your PJ's smoking, the need for your hospitalisation should be questioned? Unbelievable!  As a mild mannered commentator in these matters I can honestly say I would ban it everywhere except possibly in the persons own home and then they would have only themselves and their family to kill . . .

Ah me!  The intolerance of age!  It's almost as bad as the ignorance or impetuosity of youth except not quite because I am, of course, a representative of the former rather than the latter! And I notice as I write that the golden pools have vanished along with the remains of the day and, to paraphrase old TG in his country churchyard, the herds and ploughmen have wended their weary way home and left these words "to darkness and to me"  - so dark i fact I can hardly see the keyboard!

Lighting a new candle for the sundial - my own invention and one of which I am inordinately proud - I notice the time has come for me to away to Academia Towers for the latest installment in "How to be scratched by a cat" and "Why have you got your whiskers in my food?" Sal will be accompanying me; she is never very impressed by the felines and thinks them far too flat-faced and stupid to really bother with . . . there is nothing to suggest that she is terrified of them; she is too terrier for terror . . . well . . . maybe !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. who couldn't love Sal she is totally adorable and not big headed in the slightest with the mass adulation she receives from her worshipping public!

    and....Autumn sunshine don't you just love it !

  2. Nice to hear about Sally , who seems to have her very own fan club. I cant believe patients are sitting out in their pj's smoking its crazy!