Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wool gathering . . .

Good evening good people and how the devil are you?

I am back from the East having finally shucked the burden of the last assignment off my shoulders and laid it at the feet of Margaret in the sincere hope of a scrape though pass . . . all my own fault of course; I just let time slip away dreaming and then back to Earth with a clatter . . . oh well, it's a good way of learning I suppose . . .  this evening we got all the deadlines for the forthcoming academic year so I can add them, along with my OU deadlines, onto my Outlook calendar and be totally aware -  months in advance  - by how much I'm going to miss my deadlines  . . .actually I don't miss deadlines, just nearly kill myself in the process of meeting them but that must all change . . .

There is something about train travel that really appeals to me; Tonight, for example, on the way home, I got on the train which was lovely and warm after the blowyness of the platform and sat at a table, wrote in my journal and watched as houses flashed by like TV's broadcasting snapshots of lives into the empty night . . . in the carriage other lives, snatches of conversations and myself mirrored in the darkened window like a ghost . . . it's a wonderful way to relax and pull together all the sheeps wool of thoughts that are snagged on the barbed wire of my intellect, tease out the tangles and hopefully use it to spin a yarn or two here !

And so to supper; what should it be do you think?  I've a strange feeling that some old cheese and stale bread may win the day - either that or drag my wearies to Tesco and buy something nearly edible . . . hmmm  Anyhow, while I ponder that little wrinkle I shall sign off and leave you good people to your own devices*

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

 *batteries not included

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  1. Love the penultimate paragraph, brought back a few memories. One q tho, did you have the stale bread and cheese?