Wednesday, 1 September 2010

White Rabbits x 3 . . .

Obligatory but scary image !
Hello All and welcome to the wonderful world of blog!

It is some time since last we spoke and in the intervening much has happened - of which more later!  Meanwhile I am getting to grips with this business once again in my new home of Blogger . . . all very exciting indeed! 

Should you so wish you can also find me on Twitter @IanMcL13 and as usual on FaceBook . . . very much a virtual world which is set to be more so in the next few days with the arrival of a new phone which - evidently - will enable me to social network all over the place, fun, eh!

Anyhow, I shall send out invites and hope to see you all here soon for Green Tea and Cheesecake but 'til then

Be seeing you !