Monday, 13 September 2010

What cares these roarers for the name of king?

Hello fellow mariners!   Looking through the porthole it definitely becomes us to fall to't yarely, or we run ourselves aground: bestir, bestir . . . what a dreadful night!  Sheets of rain sweeping across the vista . . . and in the near distance the sound of those poor folk working through the night to resurface the appropriately named River Way . . . it was thinking of them that lead me to the Bosun and his crew . . . by the way, that is the correct spelling for boatswain used in 1611 !

And so another day draws to a close and what have I achieved? The complete work is somewhat nearer but yet still too far to reach and grasp with certainty . . . maybe tomorrow will provide a bit of  respite from full fathoms five?  It will have to as deadlines are dreadlines and do before you go to bed lines . . .

These are, of course, self inflicted curses; I chose to ignore the outstanding work and gave other work priority and soon more will arrive from this and also my degree course . . . mature student? Well, old one anyway!

Today I met the Duchess and we went to Nero where I met Cap't Oy and played pirates for a while which was fun . . . I noticed in the shop next door they were selling iPads and, even though I would prefer practically any other Apple product, I must admit I was drawn to them . . . you would think I would be over such urges at my age but I do long for an iMac - if any one has one they would like me to re-home and cherish . . .

The rest of the day was spent tapping keys to make nonsense (a bit like this I hear you mutter) and preparing myself mentally and physically for the challenges in store on Wednesday . . . will I ever get a kit-kat out of the machine at college? How long will it take for the green tea to work it's way insidiously through my digestive tract to set my toes tapping to an unheard - and unchained - malady? Ah, me!   

Actually, as I wrote previously, it will be good to see the girls and boys again; to hear all the changes that have taken place over the past few weeks and embrace the future with both arms, pucker up and give a "welcome back" kiss ! 

However, in order to do that with a clear mind I must have my stuff in order which means another early start which in turn means a somewhat abrupt end to this drivel - you lucky people . . .

And so, with our eyes on the distant shore and avoiding the perilous rocks, we bypass the island's grasp and sail into the azure blue where the sun always shines

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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