Monday, 27 September 2010

Warp, Weft and Tanglements

Good Evening once more Dear Friends and welcome to all that is blog in this little bit of the virtual universe . . .

I should say at this juncture in the narrative that, in order to avoid any undue stress or tension and to chase away those demons of doubt that are lurking unbidden in the corners of your consciousness, that I do, in fact, feel somewhat better today - not exactly fashioned in a Bristol way or even of the A1(M) variety but nonetheless slightly more human and of this world . . .  thank you for asking . . . oh, you didn't? Oh . . . well . . . now you know anyway!

The day in it's length was spent mainly with the Old Duchess who seemed to be in a mood to chat and reminisce over tea and cakes - which, of course, suits me to a T;  we also did some bits of shopping for two major life events occurring tomorrow . . .

The first, which I shall mention only in passing and in a discreet undertone in case she can hear, is the good Dr T's birthday; it will undoubtedly be a quiet affair as is her want, and further reference to it shall cease forthwith . . . or else!

The second is the retirement of Sister Cate who, after more years of servitude to ER II than she or I care to remember, has finally cast aside the shackles and is now free to live a life of her own design and will; unlike most of her Royal Madge's clan, she leaves with not very many regrets or indeed the kind of obscene remuneration normally showered  - in a very golden sense -  on those in close proximity to the personage . . . as her very own and personal Life Coach I shall of course be encouraging her to grasp life by the throat and shake it until it slips into apoplexy and then set about the slumbering beast with boots hobnail and fleeting . . .however, we shall see and I will be sure of keeping you all up to date with her latest adventures . . . the Valley of the Kings? Shhh!  It's just a rumour . . . yet! But as that great Sagess of the Day known as Doris said "What will be, will be!" and that is undoubtedly so  . . . In a swift aside, I wonder if any of you remember that the said DD was the mother of Ron and Russel Mael a.k.a Sparks . . . you do? . . . Oh . . . well . . . you must be older than you seem . . .

And so this particular piece of Life's Rich Tapestry is coming to an end and is left on its stretcher  - at least for today.  I was actually going to do a long philosophical piece on how apt that phrase is; a tapestry representing a beautiful picture on the face of it but on the other side is a mass of tangles and knots . . . very profound!  But anyway, you've escaped that particular gobbet of wisdom and are saved by the tolling of the iron bell far away across the fields . . . but before I go, I'm sorry to say that I can sense another useless piece of info coming up, folks - must've been something I ate . . .  If I were to say the word "Tapestry" to you and ask for a famous example, you would probably respond with one that is, in fact, embroidery  - amazing,eh!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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