Thursday, 30 September 2010

Trials and Tribualtions . . .

Welcome to an Autumn afternoon in the Bijou Penthouse Suite . . .

What a complicated and messy, tangled and troubled day I seem to be having!  I've just had the most ridiculous argument with a lady from the Customer Services staff in Tesco regarding the burgers (see last nights  post); they refused to give me a refund - we are talking the princely sum of £1 here remember! - and instead said I could have something else from the freezer.  This I refused simply because her manner made it obvious that she considered me a fool for picking them up in the first place, a bigger fool for not eating them anyway and possibly the biggest fool ever to climb out of his mother's birth canal for bringing them back to the store and bothering her!

And because I said the situation was "bloody ridiculous" I was told I wouldn't be dealt with as I was swearing at the staff!  I did point out that the comment was directed at the situation not her personally,and that my vocabulary of obscenities far outshone the mere use of  "bloody" as an epithet ; I demanded that the manager be brought . . . 

This duly occurred and, after an interminable discussion regarding whether a freezer could be termed "vegetarian" when only 99% of its contents were in fact meat-free and have been so historically or at least for the last 6 months, and pointing out that I spent a not inconsiderable sum in their shop every day, I was awarded my £1  - but was also told off for swearing at his staff!  There is something about being told off by a Retail Manager barely out of his teens that would appeal to certain sections of society - in fact, many would pay good money to receive such humiliation; sadly, I do not fall into that bracket and the entire proceedings has left a sour taste in my day . . .

I am also without hot water.  My system is prone to airlocks and has finally ceased to perform at all this morning.  I popped  to Town somewhat deshabille in order to purchase a hose to use water to push the air out of the system  ~ I'm sure you are impressed by my plumbing know-how ~ and thus paid £10 for a hose and two ends which I was assured would "fit any tap in the country!"  . . . I am sure, like a gypsy with his crystal balls,  you can see what's coming, can't you? . . .  I now have a hose pipe but no hot water! 

Ah me! So I know have to contact the people who service the boilers and try and arrange an appointment . . . this will, of course, involve a prolonged and probably fruitless wait when I have many things to do today . . .still, Nil Desperandum I suppose . . .

Before I go and deal with all things plumbum, I'd like to use this opportunity to thank you for reading my drivel and also to encourage you to write an email asap to Mr Chris Huhne who is about to grant drilling permission to those nasty Chevron Oil people who seem intent on destroying us all!  
The link you need is and, as my dear friends at Tesco would have it "Every Little Helps!" so add your voice if you feel able!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

Post Script: Wigan and Leigh Housing Centre say that having no hot water is "not an emergency" and the earliest they can fix my problem is Monday Morning;  I asked about washing etc and they said I could "boil a kettle"  - Am I alone in finding that appalling?


  1. its a disgrace! They came out same day to me when I had no hot water. A call to the emergency line might be the ticket! Oh and btw, am off to Tesco later, anyone need beating up? lol!

  2. seen said offending freezer and yes they are in the veggie section. Very misleading Tesco!