Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tales of the Unexciting . . .

Good Evening Dear Hearts ~ how are you?

A brief snippet of something for you before bedtime; nothing too heavy, just a soupçon  . . .

I just returned from my seat of learning and, being hungry and facing a Mother Hubbard situation, I decided to drag myself over to Tesco for some late night comestibles . . . first of all I deliberated deeply about the wisdom of Jacket Potatoes with cheese coleslaw which I  was really tending towards until I wondered past the vegetarian section of the freezers ~ yes, boys and girls I freely admit to being one . . . a vegetarian that is, not a freezer!
Any old how, I noticed there was an offer on "Free From Beef burgers" - two quarter pounders for £1 and so I thought "well, may as well try them" ( You see I think in italics!)  and so I skipped merrily to the till, paid and wended my weary way home.

I picked up the pack to begin the not very difficult cheffing process  and when I looked closely at the ingredients: 82% Irish Beef!  They are, indeed Free From: Gluten, Cardboard, Old Bicycles and Radioactive Elements but not, it seems, Beef!  To say I was livid would be perhaps a tad of an understatement; why were these things in the vegetarian section?

Anyhow, I had a cheese sandwich and am sitting in a semi-sulk but talking myself round into a more positive frame of mind: and tomorrow they are going back and I shall play merry hell - in a very kind and caring kind of Buddhist way of course . . .

You will be glad to know that I had a very pleasant evening with my chums and  spent much time talking about Ladybird books - again! I think this fixation probably stems from feelings of rejection as a child or the fact that I'm mentally fast approaching eleven years of age . . . whichever I care not a row of buttons . . . nature alone is beautiful and the starfish this evening in the dark deep ocean above certainly proved my point!

You scamps really should be climbing up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire and I am guilty of encouraging you to stay by the fire and listen to the grown ups speak  - forgive me!  So hie and away and

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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