Saturday, 4 September 2010

Taking Libretti . . .

Good Morning World - and how are you today ? 

Well, here in the penthouse suite the morning has got underway in a bright and positive manner because, despite the very best of intentions, I still find myself as excited as a five-year-old with a new toy . . . . Why? Well,  I have, in fact, got a new toy  - it's a phone to replace my old one (RIP) that will actually let me tweet, email and sometimes even telephone people to my heart's -  if not bank balance's - content . . . I am unnaturally proud of it and convinced it makes me appear sophisticated, cool and a tad more handsome than normal - though obviously not as much as it would if it was one of Mr Job's latest offerings (that's Steve by the way, not the biblical chappie)  . . .

So what does this world hold in store for me today? Beyond esoteric wisdom and other impenetrables I can reasonably predict that, come eleven of the clock, I shall be seated in Nero with my sister Cate, indulging in the wholly holy rite of Green Tea and Lemon Cheesecake . . . it's a curious fact that, since waving bye bye to my last glass of intoxicant way back in February, I have become uncommonly fond of High Tea; I am a big fan of the doily cart but hopefully it won't mean an increase in the size of my pinafore!

Then, on wings of song - or at least on a public transport of dubious delight - to visit the Old Duchess and spend the afternoon pottering and chatting and maybe even firming up plans for a celebratory tea . . . she will be 87 on September 7th and still fiercely independent which is, I believe, A Good Thing ( I sounded like dear old Joyce G then!)

Could I draw your attention to the little blue box lower down on the right? It displays a selection of my photographs on Twitpic and by clicking on my name you can view the gallery . . . there are around 24 on show at the moment; I will expand this as soon as time allows . . . If you like any of them enough to want to copy them for your own personal and private use - the mind boggles - please feel free;  if you intend to use them for anything else I would ask you to drop me a line in order to seek my beneficence  along with details of how to credit them to me if you would, many thanks!

It is time to cease this babble and chatter, drink tea and prepare to face the day; I hope you have a wonderful one and choose to bestow gifts of kindness and patience on those you meet - you never know, it could be me.

So, 'til next time

Be seeing you! 

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