Friday, 24 September 2010

Journeying in an Autumn Night

Hello my dear friends ~ how are you all on this Autumnal eve ?

It's been a long day, travelling and unravelling, time and time again but now I'm here at my desk with the requisite cup of tea - paradoxically a Morning Detox tisane - about to burst forth with a stream of nearly unconsciousness for your edification and amusement  . . . so pull your chair a little closer to the great log fire and listen to tales that stand, like black rocks against the cold dark sea of the night, hardly visible except where they eclipse the light of a single star, darker than the wings of night birds who fly who knows where or why  . . .

Hmmm . . . I came over all Postgate there; anyhow it's Friday night and for some the weekend has started and for others it has yet to begin . . . For me, it's a relief to have the thanks of my clients hung like scalps on my belt  - it's always tremendously reassuring to hear that they think the sessions are doing some good! But heady carousing and celebratory giddy-horsing is a thing of the past for yours truly who sits, monk-like, scratching at the virtual vellum and illuminating the manuscript of his day.

And it has been a good one really, although it started not particularly well, with trains and trams just missed; my first instinct was to blame, for example, the group of girls at the station each paying for their individual tickets with cards instead of paying for them all with one card and sorting it later, thus allowing me to catch my train . . . and then I thought well, maybe if I'd got off my derriere a little sooner and got to the station earlier it wouldn't have been a problem . . . and then I thought but what is the problem? I got to where I had to be in time - okay a little more rushed than I would have liked but I got there . . . the important thing for me was not to project the blame onto someone else, or spend the day gritting my teeth and being cross about it . . .  accept it as it is, and live it in the now.  So , it's a valuable lesson that I try to re-teach myself each day - I find it makes life a whole less stressful! 

I met my three wonderful clients and walked with them for an hour or so each . . . the paths we took were different and the route led to a different destination each time; it's not always a smooth path or one that you expect to take but it's a journey we undertake each week and I am learning so very much from them - much of it about myself . . .

And then it was home amidst the hustle, bustle and piquancy that only exists in crowded trains - I seem to be on my favourite subject again! - and back to the Wigwam that sat shivering in the dusk beyond the station lights . . .and here I am and so, it seems are you!

I have said in a couple of these blogs that I really welcome your comments and suggestions - please feel free to make them  either as comments here or on Twitter or Facebook or in an email to me . . . I want to know your thoughts and, like Alexander Selkirk before me, I seek eagerly the footprints in the sand and wonder at their owner . . .

I have said, I think enough for tonight; may you all have a peaceful one and may the wonder of your dreams only be surpassed by the wonder of your waking day tomorrow

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. glad you had a good day. My eve has been good thank you for nagging me to go lol ! I learned a fair bit about fellow work mates tonight, quite surprising really ?