Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Happy 87th Birthday!

And here, in all her glory and majesty, is the Birthday Girl herself
May was born 87 years ago today, the first child of parents Elsie Doherty and Henry (Harry) Whittle and grew up in Frog Lane, Wigan.  She attended the National Bluecoat School in Hallgate and then the newly built All Saint's Senior School which is now the Deanery High School. After leaving school she had a couple of jobs, the longest lasting being shop assistant at O & G Rushton's shop in Wallgate where she learned her trade under the excellent tutorledge of Mrs Mason. Despite her attempts to join the Forces she was deemed unfit for service and spent the duration of WWII in the world of ration books and goods-on-the-slate in the less than prosperous area of the town.

In October 1946 she married James McLoughlin from Scholes in a cross-denominational event that was not really approved of by either set of parents and 16 months later had her first child Carol Ann, followed swiftly by a second daughter Eileen in 1949. It was following the birth of her final child Ian in 1960 that she began work at ROF Chorley, where she steadily rose through the ranks, retiring at Senior Overlooker level in 1989.

Now finding herself a widow - her husband James having died suddenly ten years earlier - and with time on her hands, she encountered an old friend, Dorothy, from her youth and together they became involved in the Sequence Dancing scene and ran, for a while, the Over 60's club at their local church.

These days, although less robust than in former years, she is still fiercely independent and is definitely suited to her role as matriarch to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is a voracious reader and takes an active interest in the goings on in and around her home in Kitt Green where she has lived for the past 22 years.

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Be Seeing You!

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