Thursday, 2 September 2010

Good Morning !

 . . .and welcome to another blue-sky-clad day which is getting to be a bit of a habit for September and, I must admit, for me . . .

For those amongst you who may be unfamiliar with my ramblings about the various aspects of my existence that I bundle and trundle Mother-Courage-like through this passage of time laughingly referred to as my life, I should say that I normally be-splatter these blogs of mine with images and tales; and I see no reason to deviate from that norm (as they used to say in Sums) and so today's offering is a delightful portrait of my companion on this epic journey the Famous Sally Dog.
Sal is something of an Patterdale Terrier (having a dubious daddy) and somewhat of an enigma in that she is the sole possessor of black-and-tanness in her family; her brothers were all black-with-a-white-flash as is so often the case . . . 
She has a sweet temperament - unless you are involved with postal deliveries - and has a penchant for carrots. She has a range of favourite playthings (which, sad to say, don't last very long due to the terrierness of herself) including Ducky, a pig called Gargoyle and a very long, mustard yellow dog with a large grin and the superb sobriquet of Mr Cresswell.
She was born on 31st May 2005 and we have  lived together since she was 5 weeks old. Together we are an unusually common sight on the highways and byways of our home town where, despite public opinion, neither of us is ever on a lead.

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So have a lovely day and may it be filled with light and love . . . 

'til next time

Be seeing you !