Sunday, 5 September 2010

Go Forth and Prospero . . .

Good morning everyone - I'm whispering this because it is, after all, Sunday and a day of rest . . . unless you are involved in the retail sector either as a worker or a worshiper . . . 

The day began slightly earlier than I had anticipated due to the demon Snuffles tormenting me nasally; as I wrote that I was struck by how different the "hellfire and damnation"  sermons of yesteryear could have been if the Fallen Angel had been called Snuggles, Snowflake or even Smudge* . . . we could also look forward to exciting episodes of "Fluffy the Vampire Tickler" maybe . . . what's in a name, eh! Forgive me if I've gone all Juliet on you here!

It must be fairly obvious by now that sleep deprivation has taken it's toil and, quickly dispatching what few functioning brain cells I possessed, has left me in a state of samsara; although unavoidable I hope it still makes for vaguely interesting - if unintelligible - reading . . . and so, Dear Reader, read on . . .

Yesterday afternoon was spent, as expected, pottering around the Old Duchess' stately pile ( there is a very obvious joke in there which I shall avoid!) and making plans for her birthday which, although it is on Tuesday, we shall probably celebrate very simply on Monday when we meet by popping into The Coven for a lovely cuppa and a tea cake.  As she has grown older she has rejected more and more the fuss that populates such occasions and so mote it be!  A nice thought, however, would be to send her a birthday greeting via this blog should you get the urge  - that, I think, would amuse her greatly :)

It is amazing to think that she began her life in a house with gas-lights downstairs, oil lamps upstairs and the WC a short trek away across the yard and now has a centrally-heated home with digital tv, microwave, a mobile phone etc etc . . . I do sometimes thinks she misses the simplicity of those days but I know she wouldn't want to return to the hardships; nostalgia is all very well - especially when you don't have to live in it!  As I frequently remark however, I think you have to know where you come and where you have been to understand properly where you are and who you are . . . and that could account for some of the popularity of genealogy these days; perhaps we hanker for stability and feel that it may lie in our roots? 

Ah me!  We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep...

And with those words from The Duke ringing in my thoughts I shall cut short this pageant as I have business with which to attend . . .

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:

'til next time

Be Seeing You!


* kittens names stolen unashamedly from  I was surprised to see they had "Slick" down there - I thought I had invented it!


  1. Have a lovely Birthday Mrs McLoughlin

    best wishes



  2. Happy birthday Old Duchess!

    I also don't get that regarding Sundays. Are retail workers' exempt from that rule?