Saturday, 25 September 2010

Evemen in the Village *

'Tis evening in the village; the fields are still and the tired men and dogs all gone to rest and only the the white sheep are sometimes seen, cross and recross the strips of moon-blanched green . . . well, nearly . . . it isn't quite like that in this particular part of the village-without, as it were, in the theatreland area of the town!

Any old how, welcome all the same to Saturday evening's rendition of my thoughts to a possibly recognisable tune and a quick review of what's been happening today . . .

First off, dear old Roxy and her kitten Slick have packed up their lack of troubles in their old Kitty bag and left Academia Towers to live with Cheryl and Tim in a double loft apartment in the heart of Manchester.  The couple, who originally came from across the pond and maybe north a bit, are over the moon to have the two wee ones in their home - I'm sure Les Chats will soon put their mark on the place  - and on C & T too!  Anyhow, I wish them Bon Voyage and an exciting vie de la ville !

I spent the afternoon, as is usual on Saturday, with the Old Duchess and Sister Cate, talking of this and that whilst the sun was deceptively bright in a decidedly chilly landscape - not that hypothermia  is ever an issue in the OD's stately pile where the central inferno normally ensures that the wallpaper smolders regularly and only plants used to living in lava fields survive!  However, the usualness of Saturdays received a bit of a shock  when I discovered that my Open University degree of madness expects me to spend  some Saturdays in tutorials and day schools - the first I had heard of it  - and so soon I shall be lumbering up Mount Pleasant in Liverpool and toddling down the Oxford Rd in Manchester on those Saturdays, being especially careful not to wonder into Cornerhouse by mistake when attending the latter! Being an organised sort I put all my dates etc on Outlook - and then decided that that was a particularly bad move . . . I don't appear to have a free day until Michaelmas Tuesday 2018!

However, this Jack would be even more than usually dull if t'were all work and no play, so to remedy that, and to do some long over due up-catching, I'm off to visit friends Sam and Andrew (in order to inject some tension here I can reveal that one of them is female - but I won't say who!) on Sunday evening, at that most commodious example of a local hostile-ry, the Brocket.  I shall, of course, only be partaking of the most innocent of beverages - maybe even tea!  My mind is already wandering through the sweets menu to try and conjure up lemon cheesecake ~ will it be so?  We shall have to wait and see!

And that is more or less that; a brief m+m (see blog entry for 20th September for an explanation) with SallyDog and then I think an early night in an attempt to regain the youthfulness I once possessed . . . hmmm! maybe not!  

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


* The title of a poem written in the Dorset Dialect by WIlliam Barnes 1844

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