Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Early Morning Morrels

Good Morning My Dearest Ones!

And here to prove to your sleepy little heads just how very special you all are to me ~ as if such proof were necessary ~ is a wee tiny little extra post to make you aware of something rather special and also set your tums rumbling like Autumn thunder or the opening of a rather inconveniently cumbersome tomb door on Easter Sunday . . .

I am rather pleased to be able to point you in the direction of an exceptionally fine blog which elicits a definite salival response from me that is more Pavlova than Pavlov . . . the direction being towards the bottom right of this page but, as it is rather early and you are such sleepy darlings,  I shall announce it here and allow you to save your tired index fingers the effort of such scurrilous scrolling . . . 

I refer, of course to http://thevoluptuousmanifesto.blogspot.com/ a culinary concoction that comes with the rattle of pan  from the pen of the delightful  Sybarite  who was also kind enough to provide my poor verbal repast with an undeserved Michelin star or two! She subtitles her offering as "Exploring the Pleasures of Life" and says 
"Welcome to my world, where you're as likely to read about sex and sexual politics as about food or literature or clothes, where you can laugh at the foibles of a football fan or the juddering steps of my philosophical peregrination."

So a little morsel of something for everyone I would suspect, non?  Anyhow, please do pop over and sample the menu . . . but don't forget to come back to my ever - open arms for a cuddle or two along with some good old fashioned stodge, will you?

So off you go about your day; be good and be kind and, most of all be positive!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. looks like a good read, will peruse at my leisure this eve !

  2. That's very kind, Ian.

    Thank you.