Friday, 17 September 2010

Children of the Plough . . .

Good Eve good readers, and welcome to another small jiggalorum courtesy of yours truly in the final few fleets of Friday . . .

I spent the day abroad in the sunny environs of Bury and enjoyed, as is my want, the train journey once again . . .Thinking back over my life I do seem to have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time on trains and at stations . . . there is something so beautiful about an empty station on a early spring day with larks rising and small breezes chasing each other through the inevitable Rose Bay Willow Herb ( or Fire weed) at the platform's end . . . Ah! takes me back!

Today I jumped in the train at Manchester and grabbed a spacious window  seat arrangement to write my journal in peace and whatnot . . . when suddenly I found myself joined by two small ones: an urchin and a mudlark.  Of the three remaining seats they managed to sit on each one separately and together about thirty times in two minutes until I leaned over to the the parents seated behind me and asked if they would rather swap seats than be separated any longer from their cherubs . . . and so it came to pass that I was seated behind them and  for one brief moment witnessed something so wonderful . . . 

As the train sped along the girl - aged about three I would say, with golden tousled curls  - knelt up with her face against the window and watched the scenery speed by; she was perfectly lit and reflected and, to be quite honest, very pretty.  The most touching aspect of it was that, for a few moments, she was watching the scenery and was captivated; she forgot her parents and her brother, her mouth opened and closed in amazement, her hand rising to point at things that sped by so quickly and I thought of how quickly she would speed by, how quickly she would grow and change . . . "Golden Lads and girls all must . . ."   I wish you could have seen it too; in any case I offer my poor words and hope they have conveyed a little of it to you . . .

There are wonderful things all around us; it's simply a case of looking for them!  

The Witching Hour approaches and as Matthew would say 

" As the stars come out  and the night-wind brings up the stream murmurs and scents of the infinite sea"

I shall thank you for reading and say

'til next time

Be Seeing You!




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