Friday, 3 September 2010

Academia Nuts

Good morning once again and welcome to here which is currently a room with a view of Mediterranean blue sky and white adobe walls as early morning sun bounds and bounces around the place like a hyperactive puppy or kitten . . .

Talking of which yesterday saw the arrival of two new members of the extended family, at least on a temporary basis, as Roxy and her kitten Harvey (renamed Slick!) went to live with Dr T in her Tower of Academia and, so far, seem to be settling in with Tinx and Tilly TigerLliyBalm quite admirably . . . pix to follow as soon as . . .

Today I'm off to my second home in the bustling environs of Bury  - a surprisingly nice little town and amazing market - to practice my dark arts on a population that surely doesn't deserve it . . . the trip by train and tram is actually quite delightful and, given a table, provides an opportunity to catch up on work I should be doing instead of writing this blog . . .

Talking of work, the final year of this present course is looming overhead already - where did the summer go?  - and preparations are in mind, if not body, for the final slog to the finish line . . . actually, it has been a fantastic experience with some of the greatest people for co-travellers and two shining examples of tutordom in the guise of Alf and Margaret who put up with a lot - especially from me!

Also I'm about to start a degree of madness with the OU; it has come such a long way since those shaky black & white TV programmes with heavily bearded men (and women!) enlightening the then young me with utterances like "The reciprocal of thermal conductivity is thermal resistivity, usually measured in kelvin-metres per watt. When dealing with a known amount of material, its thermal conductance and the reciprocal property, thermal resistance, can be described. Unfortunately, there are differing definitions for these terms. . . "  all of which I found fascinating and ultimately unfathomable . . . anyway, it is now very hi-tech and efficient and, I hope, a lot of fun too!

Enough of this for one day; let us away about our business . . . as Matthew Arnold would have it "Needs must I with heavy heart, into the world and wave of men depart" at least he had it that way after Ralph Vaughan Williams tinkered with it (and very succeefully too, in my opinion!)

So, be good children, enjoy your day and

'til next time

Be seeing you!

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